Taco Bell Superfan Ate Nothing but Quesalupas for a Month and Lived To Tell the Tale

by Lauren Boisvert

If you think you like Taco Bell, think again, because there’s no way anyone likes it as much as this guy. Reddit user tmanowen chronicled his love of the Taco Bell Quesalupa, which culminated in him getting on a plane to Knoxville for his coveted menu item.

Apparently, during the summer of 2017, the user would eat Quesalupa’s 3 to 4 times a week. Then, tragedy struck: “When the Quesalupa was discontinued I felt a piece of me die (probably because it was 10% of my body at the time),” the user wrote. After eating the last Quesalupa in New York, the user “vowed that as soon as I knew I could have the Quesalupa again, I would go to it, no matter how far I had to travel so I could enjoy it one more time.”

The user found a subreddit almost a year ago where another user claimed Quesalupas only existed in Knoxville, Tennessee. So, what did tmanowen do? Got on a plane in the middle of a pandemic to get Taco Bell, of course.

After taking his first bite of Quesalupa in years, in a moment of clarity, the user recalls, “all my worries disappeared, nothing mattered anymore, it wasn’t just a Taco Bell item, it wasn’t just food, it was something that was missing in my life for years and years and years.”

He ordered 16 more for the road, and went back the next day. He ended up eating “20 [Quesalupas] for the past 24 hours.” If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.

Nothing But Taco Bell for a Month

5 months ago, tmanowen returned, outlining how he would claim his title as Quesalupa Fanatic. In a Supersize Me-esque challenge he called “Quesalupa Me,” the user came up with 5 rules he would follow during that month of nothing but Taco Bell: he could only eat Quesalupas for a month (changed to other Taco Bell items halfway through, as the Quesalupa was subsequently discontinued); could make any customization to the Quesalupa; take daily multi-vitamins; must exercise for 30 minutes a day; and post a progress video on YouTube.

He added his bloodwork to the post, as well as general health stats. The progress videos are listed in the post, going only until day 18. “Today is the first day I’ve actually felt pretty sick,” he said at the beginning of the day 18 video. Here, I thought maybe he’d given up his quest, but one look at his YouTube channel says otherwise; he got all the way to day 30, and promised a longer wrap-up video with a health update after June 1st.

No health update is available, however. But, after eating nothing but Taco Bell for literally a month, he still seems to be alive. I really want to know what his cholesterol level is, though.