Texas Tech’s Meat Judging Team Is an Absolute Powerhouse

by Jonathan Howard

Texas Tech is a powerhouse unlike any other in the collegiate ranks when it comes to meat judging. They just took their third straight national championship.

While most folks recognize the university for their football team, or more recently their basketball program under coach Chris Beard, there is another program that deserves recognition. In Texas, schools are very competitive in meat judging, with recruiting battles and rivalries just like any other collegiate event. Texas Tech is the Alabama football of meat judging.

I’m no expert, but I took an animal science class in high school. Meat judging is based on each competitors’ ability to judge the grade of meat. Beef, pork, and lamb are all used. With 10 cuts of meat, the team members must use their eyes and observation skills to determine the quality of the product. These standards are based on USDA guidelines. Fat content, how much muscle, color, and other aspects of the carcasses and cuts are observed.

There are eight different USDA beef grades. From most desired to least desired, those categories are prime, choice, select, standard, commercial, utility, cutter, and canner. Over the last 10 years, the Texas Tech Red Raiders have won 8 national championships. This year is their 16th overall title for the team. They have won all of those championships from 1989-2021. Only Oklahoma State has more, and the Raiders are quickly catching up.

While Texas Tech has found success in sports, clubs, and other organizations, the meat judging team sticks out. They have a high standard, but they welcome anyone to join the team regardless of major. What the coaches hope to teach these students are leadership skills and teamwork skills, just like any sport or other group effort.

Texas Tech Kicker Nails 62-Yard Field Goal

There are few kickers in the world, even in the NFL that could do what Jonathan Garibay did this past weekend. During a game against Iowa State, the Red Raiders had battled all the way to the end. They were trying to march down the field to get some points. However, they were stopped far from the endzone.

So, the field goal unit jogged onto the field and set things up. Garibay lined up his kick, his right arm in a club cast, and did his thing. It was amazing to watch as the ball soared 62 yards through the air and between the uprights. The Red Raiders upset the Cyclones and became bowl eligible for the first time in four years.

Of course, Parick Mahomes was quick to congratulate his alma mater. The Texas Tech alum is now one of the most exciting players in the NFL. How good it must have felt watching that ball go through those uprights for Garibay and his team. Sports, just the best.