Thanksgiving Travel: How ‘Significant’ Storms Could Throw Wrench in Holiday Plans

by Chase Thomas

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, Outsiders. If you’re one of the many folks who will be traveling this holiday season to go see family and friends, you might want to get a jump on how the weather will be looking this time next week.

Yes, we’re looking at “significant” storms that could in fact throw a major wrench in your holiday travels. As of this writing, the storm looks like it will begin in the central area of the country before moving east. If you’re heading towards Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Maryland or anywhere in that vicinity, you should prepare for a lot of potential snow from the storm.

For folks on the east coast near Appalachia, expect heavy rains and potential flooding from the storm.

Chief meteorologist Jon Port of Accuweather said, “We could be looking at a huge mess and a real wrench in holiday travel.”

So travel safely, Outsiders. It looks like a storm is coming next weekend and it will in fact impact you and the millions of folks who travel to see loved ones after last year’s issues due to the pandemic.

David Pekoske an administrator of the TSA said, “My best advise for travelers is plan for a little bit more time and be patient when you get here.” He continued, “I mean everybody wants to travel, everybody wants to have a good experience, and I think patience will be key to that.’

Thanksgiving Travel and Black Friday at Walmart

Black Friday will be here before you know it, Outsiders. Yes, you need to be aware of traveling circumstances over the next several days, but folks should also be aware of what the following day will look like as Americans all over the country head out in the early hours to search for the best deals from the store to store.

One of the most common options is Walmart. One has to wonder if the giant store is ready for what is to come next weekend. Because of shipping issues that don’t seem to be getting resolved anytime soon, so what should you expect from a retail giant like Walmart next Friday?

Well, things are going to look different. The CEO of Walmart John Furner said,“We see customers who are celebrating.” This is obviously a stark contrast to 2020 for obvious reasons. Because of that, stores are changing how they will be presenting their products this fall. He continued, “I’ve been out in stores around the country and our feature mix looks much better than a year ago. We definitely have a holiday feel.”

So, things will certainly be a bit different this Black Friday and Thanksgiving season, but it will be a happier time than 2020 as we continue to get closer and closer back to the way things were before the pandemic.