Thieves Arrested for Stealing from Kentucky Tornado Victims

by Matthew Memrick

After deadly storms brought tornadoes to Kentucky and other states, law enforcement busted several thieves.

Graves County Sheriff’s Office officials announced that they caught five Kentuckians. These people stole cars, shoes, copper wiring, and other items from victims in the southwestern part of the state. This area had multiple deaths and lots of destruction in it. 

It’s enough to make you lose your faith in society, but sadly the worse often comes out during these times.

Thefts Close to Leveled Candle Factory

The disaster area became a haven for crime this past week. Fox News reported that storms killed at least 78 people and destroyed more than 1,000 homes. 

Graves County Sheriff’s deputies received a report of suspicious activity on Friday afternoon just half a mile away from a candle factory. Eight people died at the leveled site.

According to KVFS, sheriff’s deputies from Calloway and Graves Counties and Kentucky State Police Troopers moved in and found a group of thieves. The group tried to tow several damaged vehicles to leave the area.

“It was reported that several suspects that appeared to have been working in a group were rummaging through persons personal property and loading vehicles that were destroyed by the tornado,” the sheriff’s office said. 

Thankfully, deputies arrived in time to stop the group before leaving with the stolen property. Two thieves picked up additional charges for having methamphetamine. 

Twenty-nine-year-old Kaitlyn Moore stole a vehicle, tampered with physical evidence, and had the illegal drug “hidden… in her body cavity.”

According to law enforcement, authorities caught Linda Morris, 52, with copper wiring, a stolen pair of “Ugg” boots, and syringes containing methamphetamine. Morris is charged with theft of an automobile, meth possession, operating a car with a suspended license, and theft of personal property.

Deputies caught three other 50-year-olds at the site. Kevin Stowe (55) drove a vehicle with a stolen license plate and had more than $120,000 in his car. Stowe stole the vehicle and the vehicle registration plate.

Ronnie White, 57, and Lynne Bailey, 56, were also charged with unlawful automobile taking. 

Michigan Men In Kentucky For Looting

Officials also apprehended four men for looting on Friday in Princeton, Ky. The men stole stuff from vehicles and homes.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron vowed to use the full force of the law against anyone taking advantage of tornado-affected Kentuckians. In other news, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear announced no more missing people after the terrible storms ripped through his state.

According to WPSD, Cameron also warns residents about natural disaster scams and people impersonating relief groups and charities to trick people. These crooks go for any banking information or personal details for identity theft crimes. Price gouging and other types of fraud are also on the rise after natural disasters.

The state’s top law enforcement official wants residents to use the state’s Natural Disaster Fraud Hotline at 502-696-5485.