This $500k RV That Has a Bedroom Hidden in Its Basement

by Victoria Santiago

A good RV might run you more than a house. Of course, that’s assuming that you like the space and bells and whistles that expensive RVs come with. Giant Class A RVs often come jam-packed with features, but one impressive RV even has a spare bedroom. (It’s actually the storage bay).

The RV in question? A 2007 Prevost Featherlite H3-45.

Some RVs try to pull you in with quirky features, like a second floor or a garage to park your car in, but not the 2007 Featherlite. No, this RV just has space. In fact, it boasts two bathrooms and even a hidden bedroom. The interior expands, too. There are two slides on the port side of the coach to help. Even more surprising, it all still fits into the perfectly legal to drive RV. If you want to own it, it’ll cost you half a million dollars.

Apart From the Spare Bedroom, What Makes This RV Special?

The Featherlite has an impressive Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine. The engine has a displacement of 14 liters. It generates 515 horsepower and has at least 1,500 lb-ft torque.

The interior of the RV is glamorous. Again, two bathrooms? Admittedly, the second bathroom only has a toilet and a sink, but still. Not to mention the washer and dryer included inside, for those long trips away from home. However, the selling feature of this RV (let’s be honest, there are many) is the hidden spare bedroom. It’s just a neat little space to have, especially if you have guests you’re trying to avoid.

The bedroom is a little awkward to navigate, but once you get in there it’s all good. It’s tricky because the space can only be accessed from the outside basement bay hatches or from a hole in the floor. Oh, and the hole in the floor is usually covered by a chair. Once you’ve made it into the secret bedroom, you can relax. There are even two TVs down there for all of your media needs. The space is cool, but compared to the rest of the interior it definitely did not receive the same level of love and care. It works for its purpose, though, and can surely be refitted for whatever purposes you need it for.

Other RVs Could Potentially Have Hidden Rooms, Too

RVs like the Prevost commonly have basement areas, which is where the spare bedroom is on this Featherlite. Typically, the basement will carry different equipment, like the onboard generator, entertainment facilities, or the RV’s plumbing system. The basements can also be used for extra storage. On this Featherlite, it has all of the gear down there, but the space is also finished. The fake carbon fiber and the diamond plate steel give the space a refined feeling, instead of it seeming like the basement storage that it really is.

All that being said, the spare bedroom is cool. If you have a desperate need or want to sleep in the storage basement of a motorcoach, then this $500,000 purchase is for you. If you already have a basement at your house, you can probably lug a mattress down there for the same effect.