This Beer Company Is Holding a New Year’s Day Polar Bear Plunge

by Madison Miller

Would you take the plunge? Gorges Beer is starting its own tradition that doesn’t involve parties or drinking or flashy lit-up bars (despite being a beer company).

Instead, this beer company will be giving people the opportunity to kick their new year off right with a Polar Bear Plunge.

Gorges Beer Doing a Polar Bear Plunge

According to Willamette Week, this Oregon beer company has already gotten more than two dozen people to sign up for the Polar Bear Plunge. It will involve everyone stripping down and then jumping into the outright frigid waters of the Columbia River. The temperature would be just over 40 degrees.

There’s some good coming out of it all, besides a very cold end to 2021.

Those who take the plunge will be joined by Gorges’ head brewer and owners as well. They will also be rewarded with the pub’s first brunch special and beer pairing as well. So you’d get a special treat when you waddle your way out of the freezing water.

Not only that, but the participants are being pretty festive about the whole thing. They will parade from the brewery to the water’s edge wearing some very festive holiday attire along the way. At the brewery beforehand, people will get started with the event at 10 a.m. The brewery will sell hot toddies and whiskey in order to warm people up before the cold plunge. The actual plunge will take place at 11 a.m.

Not to mention, during that special brunch event afterward, people will get to try out five new beers. This includes a stout aged in whiskey barrels, a new porter, a Czech Pilsner, a lager aged in cabernet sauvignon vessels, and a saison.

Sounds cool (literally).

Incredibly Old Beer Bottle Discovered

All across the country, craft beer companies have been preparing endlessly for the holiday season. That includes the upcoming New Year’s Eve festivities.

Meanwhile, a construction crew happened to come across something that belonged to a very old brewing company.

A construction crew was working in Norfolk, Virginia when they came across something rather spectacular. While working, they spotted what appeared to be a fully-intact beer bottle that is estimated to be over a century old. Somehow, it was able to stay fully intact.

According to The Union Democrat, this beer bottle is from a Washington business called the Christian Heurich Brewing company that once stood near the construction zone. It is a dark beer bottle with a tall neck and you can still see the company logo as clear as day.

The brewery started in 1872 from German immigrant Christian Heurich. It closed down in 1956. Instead, this area is now occupied by the Kennedy Center.

It’s quite a historic find and proves just how much of an impact and history the beer world has on major cities across the U.S.