This Bottle of Whiskey Costs $37,000 at Costco: Here’s Why

by Amanda Glover

Ever wonder how special does a bottle of whiskey has to be to cost over thirty grand? Like…does it make the person drinking it fly?

Costco is known for being the store that helps customers save money on their purchases. So, how does a $37,000 bottle of alcohol wind up on their shelves?

A Costco member in Melbourne, Florida recently sent social media by storm when they shared a picture of the mysterious bottle of over-priced whiskey. The bottle is The Singleton 54-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky. It sent Reddit readers into quite a frenzy. Someone even commented that “every sip of that scotch costs almost as much as an average family of 4’s monthly expenditure on grocery.” Interesting observation.

Some other readers joked on the fact that they’d be too nervous to get close to the unique bottle. Almost like a bottle of whiskey that expensive only needs to be handled by those with gloved or disinfected hands.

Another person commented that they “like the idea of someone this rich who does their own shopping and buys everything else in bulk to save money. Priorities.” But, does someone really need $37,000 worth of alcohol?

But, Why Does this Bottle of Whiskey Cost $37,000?

As it turns out, Costco has not forgotten why customers love them. It’s because they sell items for cheaper than the competitor. As it turns out, Caskers is selling a bottle of whiskey for $44,000! A simple internet search would also inform viewers that this brand of liquor goes for similar prices.

The price of alcohol can cost an arm and a leg if it’s historically significant enough. Last year, the world’s most expensive bottle of whiskey sold for $2 million. In 2018, the record for a most expensive bottle of wine was a bottle of 1945 Romanee-Conti that ended up being sold for $558,000.

Caskers is a New York-based liquor brand. Crafted more than half a century ago in 1966, the whisky was finished in a Pedro Ximenez sherry-seasoned cask before being bottled at 88.2 proof.”

So from the looks of things, bottles of alcohol become more expensive the fancier the brand. They might also be expensive if they’ve managed to last a long time. Sounds a bit similar to how cars and antiques become as pricey as some of them are.

Luxury Alcohol Brands

If you’re the type to purchase brands of alcohol that cost a bit more than the average adult is willing to spend, then you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a list of luxurious alcohol brands that tend to draw adults in.

Macallan ‘M’ Scotch Whisky comes in a long, jet-black bottle with silver inscriptions. Clase Azul Ultra can come in many different colored bottles, but specifically black or ivory. The ruby red and brown color of the Hennessy 250 Collector Blend Cognac makes the bottle appear the same color.

So, pick your poison and drink up…..responsibly!