Thrill-Seeking Mother of Three Dies in ‘Rope Free Flying’ Accident

by Samantha Whidden

Thrill-seeking mother of three, Yevgenia Leontyeva, reportedly plummeted 82 feet to her death after a miscommunication situation while rope free flying. The incident occurred in Karaganda, Kazakhstan over the weekend.

According to the New York Post, Leontyeva plummeting to her death due to a communications mishap prior to the jump. The rope free flying cord that Leontyeva had was not properly secured. The mother of three was reportedly an experienced jumper.

In the video, a man is heard saying “I love you” as Leontyeva was being fitted with a safety harness. Following a countdown, the 33-year-old woman leaped off the roof. Along with plummeting to the ground, Leontyeva was also dragged 12 feet sideways into a wall. A friend set to jump after Leontyeva also cries out in shock. 

The media outlet also reported that the instructor securing the rope free flying cord wasn’t able to fasten the 33-year-old woman safely to the tree. He was actually holding the lifeline in his hand as she took the plunge. 

Following the incident, Leontyeva was rushed to the hospital. She has emergency surgery. Unfortunately, a local health spokesperson revealed that she succumbed to her injuries. “The patient was operated on. A craniotomy was performed and the removal of the hematoma.”

Authorities will now be investigating Leontyeva’s death. There is also suspicion of “negligence.” If found guilty, the instructor will only have to serve a maximum of 40 days behind bars. 

What Is Rope Free Jumping?

According to the Huffington Post, rope free jumping is similar to bungee jumping. But instead, the rope is made of nylon. This doesn’t cause jumpers to actually bounce. The jumpers slow down as they approach the end of their free fall. 

As rope free jumping has continued to gain more popularity throughout the years, there have also been deaths similar to Leontyeva. This includes Dan Osman, the Master of Gravity, and his incident. In November 1998, Osman did a jump at Leaning Tower rock formation in Yosemite National Park.

Miles Daisher, one of Osman’s friends, was a witness to the rope free flying incident, mentioned that Osman told him that he added 75ft to the rope, which was about three times more than he usually added from one jump to the next. “So he was jumping on a thousand feet of line, which meant he was going to be only about 150 feet off the ground when he stopped. I was really skeptical. I kept saying, ‘I don’t think so, Dano, I don’t like this.’”

While watching Osman’s jump, Daisher waited. “It seemed like 20 minutes. I was waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting. Then the rope made that F-S-S-H-E-W-W sound, cutting through the air. Then I heard Dano let out a yell, ‘AAUGGH!’ And then it sounded like tree branches. It sounded like a whole massive tree just broke in half. It’s echoing across the valley, and I start freaking.” 

The rope reportedly had broken, which resulted in Osman falling to his death.