Tommy Lee Posts Doctored Photo of Moving Truck at White House, Twitter Goes Wild

by Hunter Miller

Tommy Lee is seemingly looking forward to President Donald Trump potentially moving out of the White House. The Motley Crue drummer took to Twitter on Wednesday evening to share what looks like an edited photo showing a moving truck parked in front of the White House.

The rock musician uploaded the snap with a simple caption that included no words, but rather a suitcase emoji.

Tommy Lee was met with a swift reaction on Twitter. A number of users voiced similar opinions to Lee expressing their contentment that Trump may possibly lose reelection.

“Sooner the better,” one user posted along with a gif reading “get out.”

In contrast to those who shared Lee’s thoughts, others replied with opposing views. Another user referenced Lee’s comments from earlier this year in which he revealed that he planned to leave the U.S. in the event that Donald Trump wins reelection.

“You may need one and a plane ticket after the SCOTUS hearings…” the user writes.

Tommy Lee Says He’s Leaving the U.S. If Trump Wins

Last month, Lee explained during an interview with The Big Issue that he intends to move back to Greece if Joe Biden loses the election.

“Dude, I swear to god if that happens then I’m coming over to visit the U.K. I’m out of here,” Lee said. “I’ll go back to my motherland, go back to Greece, and get a house on one of the islands.”

He continued by saying: “The thing that stings the most is that I feel like we’re embarrassing. I feel like people in Europe and the rest of the world look at America and think: ‘What are you guys doing over there? Stop voting for celebrities and get someone real to run the country.’”

Leading up to the 2020 Presidential election, Lee has spoken out on multiple occasions with his political thoughts. Most recently, he shared a profanity-laced message directed at Donald Trump on the day of the election. Learn more here.