Truckers on I-95 Are Sharing Food and Supplies With Stranded Motorists

by Chris Haney

On Monday night, a severe winter storm trapped motorists on I-95 in Virginia overnight, but truckers have saved the day by sharing food and supplies with those that are stranded.

Officials in the area have had a hard time clearing the highway for passengers to get home. Traffic has been bumper-to-bumper and unable to move since last night because of 14 inches of snowfall. The main area impacted is a 50-mile stretch near Fredericksburg, VA between Richmond and Washington, D.C.

The snow and ice forced numerous drivers on I-95 to spend the night in their cars without food or water. The Virginia Department of Transportation stated that stranded trucks are to blame for the traffic as well since they’re blocking the roads.

However, some truckers like Jean-Carlo Gachet are going out of their way to make sure motorists are taken care of during the storm. CNN caught up with Gachet and shared the short interview on Twitter this evening. Dashcam footage captured the truck driver delivering hot food to nearby passengers stranded on the highway.

They’d been stranded on I-95 for seven hours, so around 8 a.m. Gachet took action. The trucker used a microwave in his 18-wheeler to heat up a Jimmy Dean breakfast bowl. He also made some fruit punch and took the items to his fellow stranded drivers.

“He was shocked when he opened the door at first. I was just saying, ‘Hey, I just made you a hot breakfast and a cup of fruit punch. I thought you were sitting out here the whole time as long as me, I was here since 1 a.m,'” Gachet said to the other driver. “It was him and his mother, and both of them were really appreciative. It was a really nice moment.”

Officials Working Diligently To Clear I-95 Lanes

Officials are working around the clock to get motorists moving as soon as possible on I-95. Kelly Hannon, a spokesperson for the VDOT Fredericksburg District, shared further details on their efforts with CNN

“We know people have been stopped for extraordinary time periods leading up to these closure areas. But we are clearing trucks one by one to break through this blockage. We will get to each driver and restore traffic flow,” Hannon explained to the outlet. “Crews continue to work intensely to tow vehicles that are stuck and blocking the interstate near mile markers 136 in Stafford County. And then plow and treat [I-95] to prevent follow-on crashes. This is also occurring where traffic remains stopped on Interstate 95 northbound at mile marker 117 in Spotsylvania County.”

A power outage slowed official’s efforts to clear the roads since it knocked out traffic cameras in the area. The outlet also reported that the snow itself may take weeks to melt. Yet they’re making steady progress to get all drivers home safe and sound.