Unhappy Customer Headbutts Food Truck Worker Over Insufficient Hamburger

by John Jamison

One food truck patron in Princeton was in a vendetta kind of mood after receiving what he considered an inadequate burger on a recent Friday evening. The New Jersey man complained about the lackluster beef between buns, was issued a full refund, then went home and seemingly did nothing but fume about what must have been the most disappointing burger he’d ever encountered.

“How do we know that?” you may be asking yourself. Well, because according to the 100 Mile Free Press, the New Jersey food truck patron returned to the scene of the burger crime the next day to give the food truck worker a piece of his mind. No… he literally gave the cook a piece of his mind. Skull, rather.

That’s right. The enraged burger fanatic walked up to the window and proceeded to headbutt the operator. Was justice served? Absolutely not. Unless there was some sort of unreported personal beef between the patron and the food truck operator, resorting to violence was a completely disproportionate response. And yes, the pun was very much intended.

Barring some sort of personal issue, the patron committed an unjustified violent crime against a man in a food truck. Naturally, the cook jumped into action. According to reports, the cook pinned the crazed burger avenger down while they waited for the police to arrive on the scene.

This is where things get interesting. According to the police, the burger avenger (that’s what we’re calling him now) challenged the food truck operator to a fight, and both men engaged. Further, neither had any desire to press charges against the other.

Curious, right? It seems that something was going on between the men under the surface. Or, perhaps, the food truck guy knew deep down the burger was truly that bad.

Outsider’s Own Wes Blankenship Visits a Food Truck, Doesn’t Headbutt Anyone

Speaking of food trucks, Outsider’s Wes Blankenship ventured out to the Tennessee Motorcycles and Music Revival event back in May. And one thing about Wes is he’s not going to headbutt anyone willing to serve up some delicious fare from a kitchen on wheels. Or anyone, for that matter.

What he did do, however, was make a stop at The Love Bus situated on Loretta Lynn’s ranch in Hurricane Mills.

“I’m here at the Tennessee Motorcycles and Music Revival at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, and I’ve seen a ton of bikes, but I’m not allowed to get on any of them, so I decided I get on a food truck instead. But the food truck is actually a bus… A love bus,” Wes said.

Wes explored some of The Love Bus’s specialties before getting the lowdown on how it got its name.

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