United Airlines Announces Date Hard Liquor Sales Will Return

by Courtney Blackann

“Drunk on a Plane” is more than just a catchy country tune about making the most of an hours-long flight. Travelers everywhere love to throw back a few of those overly-priced little bottles of alcohol while flying. And you can’t really blame anyone – it sure helps with nervous flyers. And after a hiatus due to the pandemic, United Airlines just announced the return of alcohol to their flights on November 15.

While bachelorette parties everywhere are celebrating the news and planning that Vegas vacation, others are not so thrilled.

Flight Attendant Association president Sara Nelson says that workers are not super excited about the return of alcohol. In an interview with Fox News, Nelson discussed her reasons behind this.

“We’re not super happy. We have said with these incidents of disruptive passengers on our planes becoming an epidemic…more events this year than in the entire history of aviation,” she says.

Further, Nelson explains that with the increased incidents of angry passengers refusing to follow guidelines, it has been overwhelming for the staff. Alcohol only adds to that belligerence, she says. Additionally, more and more people are drinking before they even board the aircraft because they know they won’t be served once seated.

United Airlines Leader Warns People to Watch Their Consumption

‘You’re flying in a metal tube, miles above the earth in a pressurized cabin…alcohol is going to affect you differently and you don’t really want to be making bad decisions on the plane.”

Even more, airplanes are one of the last few places where a mask mandate remains in place. Many of the protocols on board are because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes the alcohol hiatus. Due to proximity, this has to be the case for now, Nelson argues. She explains that there are people being transported who have medical issues. There are also children to think of, she says.

The good news, however, is that while alcohol will be available once again, the United Airlines flight crews and staff will be monitoring consumption. Anyone who appears to be overly intoxicated will not receive alcohol, even if they ask for it.

This is to help prevent incidents. Nelson explains that flying should be pleasant and comfortable, but safety is the priority.

However, if you’re flying on United Airlines over the holidays, feel free to enjoy a beverage or two. But drink responsibly or it won’t end well – and trust us, you don’t want to go viral for the wrong reasons!

Interestingly, alcohol may be back but United Airlines recently announced the company would be removing flights from 11 different cities. Each of these are located within the United States. This is causing some disappointment from potential passengers. However, the company says it’s not viable anymore with the lack of demand.