Upstate New York Family Breaks Christmas Lights World Record… Again

by Clayton Edwards

When you think about decorating for Christmas, what comes to mind? For many, it brings to mind digging out a box of lights and maybe an inflatable Santa out of the shed. Others might choose to put a nice lighted Nativity scene on the lawn. These are all solid choices. However, one New York family takes things to a whole new level. This year, their Christmas light display broke a world record.

According to their website, the Gay family lives in the town of Union Vale in Upstate New York. They’ve been putting up Christmas lights since the mid-90s. Back then, they only had 600 lights. The patriarch of the family, Tim Gay, wanted to start decorating for Christmas when his daughter Emily was born in 1996. He never dreamed that his lights would set world records or garner media attention.

Last year, they appeared on CBS This Morning to talk about their world record-breaking Christmas light display. During that report, we learned that the Gay family grabbed the Guinness World Record for most Christmas lights on a private residence in 2014. That year, they had 601,736 lights in their display.

This year, they broke their own world record with 686,526 bulbs in their Christmas light display.

If you’ve ever watched videos of wild Christmas light displays synced to music, you’ve probably seen the Gay family home in all its twinkling glory. Their YouTube channel is ERDAJT. The name comes from the initials of the family’s three kids Emily Raejean, Daniel Arthur, and John Timothy. Check out the video of this year’s display below.

World Record Breaking Christmas Light Shows for a Good Cause

ERDAJT doesn’t just use their Christmas light shows to break world records and garner fame. When it started, Tim wanted to capture the magic of the holiday. Now, the family uses their displays to raise money for charity. This year, they’re collecting money for the Union Vale Fire Department.

According to the ERDAJT website, they’ve raised over $496,623 for charity with their holiday cheer. They don’t charge anyone to see the lights. However, they do accept donations from anyone who comes along to experience their hard work.

Impressive Stats

If you were wondering about the nuts and bolts of a record-breaking Christmas light show, ERDAJT has answers. We already know how many lights they have up. But, how many extension cords are they using? They don’t know, for sure. However, their current estimate is 3,000, which comes out to about 8 miles.

The site states that it only costs about $350 a year to run the massive displays. As far as the cost of all the decorations, the folks behind ERDAJT are keeping that close to their chest.