US Recon Plane Tracks ‘Rubber Duck-Shaped’ UFO: VIDEO

by Clayton Edwards

In recent years, the United States military has come in contact with a number of unexplainable crafts. There are several reports of UFOs buzzing American planes or warships and the International Space Station. The most compelling of those came from an Air Force pilot who tracked a “tic-tac” shaped craft. Recently-released footage shows a recon jet tracking a rubber duck-shaped UFO in the southwestern region of the United States. The footage comes from November of 2019 but has just recently made its way into civilian hands.  

According to The Sun, Department of Homeland Security agents caught the footage while looking for drug smugglers around Tucson, Arizona. Instead of cartel smugglers, the thermal imaging on their RC-26 caught a UFO that is roughly the shape of a rubber duck. However, rubber ducks don’t fly this fast.

In the video, we can see the craft zipping over the Arizona landscape. Some are estimating that the rubber duck UFO is around six feet long. It also appears to reach speeds of between 90 and 200 miles per hour in the footage. The footage below, posted by NY UAP Discussion shows the entire encounter.

You’ll notice that it’s a long video. The US spy plane tracked the rubber duck UFO for about forty minutes. DHS agents scanned the area for about twenty minutes before the craft came into view. When the hour-long video ends, they’re still tracking the craft.

More About the Rubber Duck UFO

Of course, many people have come forward to denounce the claim that the rubber duck-shaped craft is a UFO. Instead, they claim it is either a cluster of balloons or a modified drone. However, one expert disagrees. Dave Falch is an expert on FLIR, the kind of imaging used by the spy plane. Falch said, “I am at a complete loss for what this could be,” in an analysis of the video. He compared FLIR footage of balloons, drones, and birds to the rubber duck UFO footage. Nothing matches what DHS agents captured.

Some opined that the video was fake. The Sun reports that former Pentagon insider Luis Elizondo confirmed that the video is genuine and did come from DHS.

A member of NY UAP Discussion known only as Andy spoke to the publication about the rubber duck UFO footage. “When I first saw the footage, I knew immediately that I had something of value. I knew the object wasn’t any kind of conventional drone and was a genuine ‘unknown.’”

He went on to say, “The Department of Homeland Security’s job is to observe with a trained eye, so when they see something like this and can’t identify it, it’s a big deal.”

The rubber duck UFO leaves enthusiasts with many questions. However, for many, it is one more sign that the truth is out there and we’re getting closer to it every day.