Utah Man Builds Monolith in Front Yard for Wife Battling Cancer

by Emily Morgan

After people reported mysterious monoliths appearing across the world, a Utah man decided to build his own for a heartwarming reason.

Wesley Peay decided to erect the monolith as a way to cheer up his wife, who’s currently battling cancer.

Since the husband revealed the structure in the family’s yard in Payson, UT, locals have started to take notice of the 17-foot monolith and appreciate its message of hope.

Peay told Fox News that the project was a happy distraction this holiday season, in hopes of sharing “some smiles and hope” in the community. He said it took over nine days and between 72 and 80 hours of work to build the monolith. He and his sons had to dig a hole into frozen ground and raise the monolith by hand.

Friends of the family helped create the decals and Christmas star for the top, Peay said. He also described that it took some careful planning to put the whole thing into place.

“It’s so tall I cannot get to the top with normal-sized ladders. So we actually had to take it out once placed because we forgot to put the star on in,” he said. “At one point my tough son ended up holding the entire weight on his shoulders as we shifted it around to do it right that time.”

Monolith Built to Promote Family’s Fundraiser

The monolith’s popularity is helping Peay promote a fundraiser he’s started to raise money for his wife’s medical bills.

“Our soup fundraiser has been amazing,” Peay said. “My wife enjoys coming out and delivering with me as we run around the valley and drop them off. It truly has saved us from a rather difficult time we were looking at with paying up some of these mounting bills and even managed to piece together a humble but decent Christmas for the kids.”

“We all feel incredibly blessed to be part of it. Especially when we get the chance to reach out and help others going through their assorted trials. Saying it has been amazing may be an understatement to be completely honest.”

“We are so appreciative of everyone’s love and take every chance we can to also play our part and pay it forward. This has been the greatest holiday season to date for us because of it,” Peay added.