Video Shows Person Climbing to Top of 270-Foot Arlington Air Force Memorial

by Shelby Scott

All jobs come with certain risks and highlights alike. That said, one climber went viral Wednesday as they scaled Arlington, Virginia’s 270-foot tall Air Force Memorial.

Initially, due to the monument’s height, it appears to be a random individual at the top of the climb. However, a second video catches a much better view of the individual. As such, we can clearly see they are safely tethered to the monument and wearing a maintenance helmet.

Regardless, the footage is shocking simply due to the potential drop below the climber, but we can’t look away. Check it from The U.S. Sun here.

Interestingly, the climber scaled the Air Force memorial the day prior to Veteran’s Day. According to the outlet, the Arlington County Police Department confirmed maintenance was taking place at the structure Wednesday. Additionally, they stated the scheduled maintenance occurs twice every ten years, in efforts to maintain the structure’s beauty.

The video surfaced across the Internet early Monday morning, beginning around 10:30 a.m. A former VA Republican candidate uploaded one of the clips. They accompanied the recording with, “Someone is climbing the Air Force Memorial in Arlington.”

Not long later, he updated followers with, “Now on their way down. Nice day for a climb, however.”

Yet, what a terrifying climb it truly is.

Rescuers Recover a ‘Dummy’ of a Climber

Some climbs are easier than others. In this case, we have to side with our Air Force Memorial Maintenance man in the realm of difficulty.

Early last month, Santa Barbara rescue crews ran into quite a unique situation. Essentially, their climber in distress turned out to be nothing more than a movie prop. The call came when a concerned witness spotted what appeared to be a woman hanging 30 feet down a cliff face. Reports claim the figure possessed no safety equipment.

In efforts to rescue the figure, Santa Barbara called for a variety of rescue teams which included UTVs, drones, engines, and trucks. However, movie maker irresponsibility had the rescue crews deployed for no reason when they soon realized what the climber truly was.

Reportedly, the dummy was a leftover movie prop used in filming by crews at the location several days prior and crews conveniently forgot to collect the piece.

Eventually, the rescue response was canceled, however, we can only hope other important calls across Santa Barbara weren’t missed or delayed at the expense of the staged “climber.”

Spanish Sportsmen Fall to Their Deaths

As we’ve learned, there exists a variety of unique climbers and climbing styles. And while our Air Force Memorial Climber saw positive credit in maintaining the Arlington memorial structure, two free solo climbers met their end in Spain when their climb went horribly wrong.

Solo climbing refers to climbing/climbers who scale cliff faces and the like without any sort of equipment. Essentially, it’s a lot more dangerous and requires lots of skill.

As for the two Spanish climbers, they must have been depending on the water below them at the base of the rock face to break their fall.

Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out quite that way and bystanders and rescuers were forced to recover the climbers’ bodies from the water.