Viral Video Shows Rat Scurrying Across Frozen Turkeys

by Jonathan Howard

Last week, one user on Tik Tok was at their local Kroger and took a video of a rat running along the display of frozen turkeys. It has since gone viral.

In just a week the video has racked up more than 5 million views. One person was holding a garbage can trying to contain the rat. The rodent was not able to be captured and at the end of the video jumped off the display and scurried off.

This is the time of year that those mice and rats head towards the human dwellings for warmth and comfort. Lord knows my garage could use a good barn cat. But to see it in a grocery store like Kroger is something else. Check out the video below.


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“Rodents can carry and spread harmful pathogens that are dangerous to humans,” a post related to the video from Rentokil, a pest control specialist says. “Creating health and food safety concerns in areas they or their droppings or urine contract.”

Mice and rats can get all over food surfaces, food, preparation tables, and just about everywhere you can imagine. Droppings, urine, and other waste that the rodents leave behind can contaminate large areas if gone unchecked.

Reactions from Viewers and Kroger to Rat/Turkey Video

When these kinds of videos go viral, there are all kinds of comments and replies. They usually range from disgust to sincerity, to telling jokes and making light of the situation. Of course, this video got all of that and more. Kroger also released a statement regarding the video.

“I’m leaving all the groceries,” one viewer said. “I don’t even feel like cooking anymore.”

Then, another user on Tik Tok mentioned that this could be happening more often than people think. However, I’m not sure if I want to believe that. For my own sanity.

Really, this just reaffirms my plan to raise and harvest my own turkey next holiday season. That way I can make sure no rodents go for a job on top of my bird.

As far as the grocery store itself, a Kroger spokesperson talked to Newsweek about the incident. “This video is disturbing, and we have taken quick action to remediate the situation, including thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the store and partnering with a local pest company.”

If you go to that Kroger and you saw that video, it has to make your stomach turn. While the spokesperson says they are working on it, I’m sure some people won’t be able to forgive this transgression. They say bad publicity is better than no publicity, but in this case, I’m not so sure that is true.