Walmart Christmas Eve Hours: When Does the Store Close?

by Shelby Scott

Well, Outsiders, it’s officially Christmas Eve. For those who tend to do their best holiday shopping in a pinch, we suggest you get out there.

For years, retail outlets have faced backlash from the public for remaining open during the biggest holidays of the year. Now, it seems most companies have gotten the point. This year, some of our nation’s largest retail stores and companies are shutting down for the holidays. With that said, read on to see Walmart’s Christmas Eve hours. We’ve also provided holiday hours for other popular shopping destinations such as Best Buy, Cabela’s, Kohl’s, and more.

For decades, Walmart, one of the country’s most iconic super stores, prided itself on extensive hours. Previously, many remained open through the night. Now, it appears the massive chain is releasing employees early ahead of Christmas Eve. Most of their stores are set to close their doors at 6 p.m. tonight. As many others have decided this year, Walmart will further remain closed through Christmas Day.

Meanwhile, USA Today provided a host of additional store hours for popular destinations. With that, we thought we’d share some of those with you. Check it out.

Stores Nationally Close Their Doors Early on Christmas Eve

For Outsiders looking to get last-minute gifts for that special outdoorsman in your life, be sure to head to Bass Pro Shops early today. The outlet states Bass Pro closes Christmas Eve at 6 p.m., like Walmart, and will also remain closed on Christmas Day. The same goes for Cabela’s.

Meanwhile, Best Buy plans to close its doors Friday a little later than most, remaining open until 7 p.m. So for those looking for chargers, laptop sleeves, and electronic knickknack stocking stuffers, go tonight, because tomorrow you’re out of luck.

Other stores closing early Friday night include Kohl’s, Hobby Lobby, buybuy Baby, Costco, Kay, Lowe’s, and Target to name a few. Be sure to check out the news outlet’s full article for the entire Christmas Eve hours rundown.

These Stores Are Open on Christmas Day

As the public has spoken, and as you can see above, stores nationally have decided to gift their employees time spent with their families instead of behind the counter this year. However, for shoppers simply desperate or forgetful, we do have a small list of retail outlets and companies that plan to stay open on Christmas Day.

Unfortunately, however, most of the open stores consist of convenience shops and gas stations, so gift ideas will surely be limited. Nevertheless, you can count on these dedicated brands to fulfill your last-minute needs.

Open locations include 7-Eleven, Acme, Albertsons, Cumberland Farms, CVS, certain Dollar Trees and Family Dollars, Giant Food, Instacart, Love’s Travel Stops, Maverick, Pilot Flying J, QuickChek, Save A Lot, RaceTrac, Safeway, Sheetz, Speedway, Travel Centers of America, Vons, Walgreens, and Wawa.

As we have only hours until “Santa’s” arrival, we wish Outsiders the best of luck in all their last-minute shopping.