Warm Temperatures Nationwide Hurt Chances of a White Christmas

by Madison Miller

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas / Just like the ones I used to know …”

For many Americans, they’re going to have to keep dreaming because a white Christmas seems very unlikely for many parts of the U.S.

Chances of White Christmas Are Slim

We are amidst a continued warm weather pattern as of now that will make any chance of snow far off and slim. Obviously, we have some exceptions. If you live in the Rockies, Upper Midwest area, or close to New England, you may have cool enough temperatures to see some frozen precipitation. Whether or not that will stick to the ground on Saturday is unclear.

Not only will there likely be no snow sprinkling down gracefully from the sky on Christmas day, but there also won’t be any piles already there for snow angels and building snowmen. There are no significant winter storms that are heading across the county. That means most areas won’t have snow on the ground, either.

Most of the lower third of the country has slim to no chance. Radars show that Northern states, such as Montana, Washington, Idaho, and others do have a chance of having one inch of snow or more.

According to Fox Weather, this really isn’t that uncommon at this point. The lack of snow on Christmas Day has become a growing trend. The last time the majority of the country had snow on Christmas was in 2017 with 49% having snow on the ground.

Warmer Temperatures Becoming a Hot Trend

Not only that, but warmer record temperatures are the new normal due, many scientists believe. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicted warmer months due to the La Niña weather pattern during this winter season and was correct. There were more than 3,600 record high temperatures reported during the first portion of December so far.

For example, according to NBC Chicago, the city of Chicago broke its record for daily high temperatures on December 15. There was a reading of 65 degrees at the O’Hare International Airport that day.

Similarly, Raleigh, North Carolina absolutely shattered some of its past weather records. On December 17, the city’s temperature was recorded at 73 degrees. This is the warmest record for that day in the area in climate history. The last hottest temperature was recorded in 1924 at 72 degrees.

You have another option, kind of. If it’s cold enough, you can go ahead and purchase a commercial snow machine that will make a small flurry for your backyard. Depending on the type you can spend anywhere from about $90 to thousands of dollars. There’s one on Amazon selling for $119 with good reviews.

It’s not quite the white Christmas we dream of waking up to, but it could be something.