WATCH: Brothers on Jet Skis Rescue 15 People, Dogs Affected By Middle Tennessee Floods

by Suzanne Halliburton

Two brave and industrious brothers helped rescue people trapped in their homes after last weekend’s Tennessee floods.

The brothers used their jet skis to reach a street in Waverly, Tennessee. The town was the epicenter of the Tennessee flooding. All Mark and Brian Bohanon wanted to do was find their aunt, who was stuck inside her home. But the brothers expanded their rescue efforts far beyond their relatives.

First, they found their aunt, who was sitting on a mattress inside her home as the water kept rising.

Mark Bohanon told Nashville’s News Channel 5 he “was able to pull up beside the house. [Brian] took a hammer, knocked out the glass and we made contact with her at that point. Pretty much the mattress was almost hitting the ceiling.”

Then, after bringing their aunt to safety, the brothers noticed a man clinging to a tree. They threw a rope towards him, then dragged him towards their jet skis and on to dry land. With the man in safe hands, the brothers rescued a mother and her grown daughter. That rescue was filmed by another daughter.

In all, the Bohanon brothers helped save 15 people and a half dozen dogs, working one neighborhood street that was decimated by the Tennessee floods.

How were they able to do all this? Mark Bohanon said: “The good Lord giving us the ability to work together, because we haven’t had any training at all. We went into the compassion mode is what I would call it.”

More Than 17 Inches of Rain Caused Tennessee Floods

The Tennessee floods last Saturday were historic. It was set up by a stalled-out frontal boundary. An upper air disturbance then met up with humid air from the south above the middle of the state. The storms trained over the area for hours. It was why McEwen received more than 17 inches of rain, with much of it flowing into Waverly.

The Tennessee flooding killed 20 people, including the foreman of Loretta Lynn’s ranch and seven-month-old twin sisters. Authorities in Waverly said 272 homes were destroyed and another 168 suffered major damage.

Yet, there are so many stories of humans helping other humans at such a devastating time.

The Tennessean reported that an anonymous donor picked up all the funeral expenses for the 20 people who died. William Brown, who manages Humphreys County Funeral Home, told the newspaper that a man walked in and paid for nine burials. Brown said the same man picked up the expenses for funerals throughout the city.

Plus, a local bank in Waverly pledged $2,500 for each victim to help defray funeral costs.

The Tennessee Titans also contributed $50,000 towards relief for the Waverly flood victims. Plus, the Titans offered Nissan Stadium to the high school team in the city to use for at least a couple of games.