Watch: Dog Takes Things to a Different Level After Owner Fakes Choking to See How He’d Respond

by Quentin Blount

Dogs, man. They are naturally protective of their owners. But that goes double for Dunkin the Labrador-Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix and his owner Haley Deecken.

Haley Deecken is a dog trainer. And evidently, her adorable pup Dunkin knows a lot of tricks. But she Deecken wanted to test how her dog would react in a moment of distress. So, she pretended that she was choking to see how Dunkin would respond. Most dogs, you would think, may come over and lick their owner’s face. Or maybe they might whimper and cry knowing that something is wrong. But, nope. Not Dunkin. What was his first reaction to his owner choking, you ask?

He went to go get a knife.

Yep. Haley Deecken even recorded the whole thing and posted it to Tik Tok. Since being uploaded back on September 9, the video has gotten nearly 17 million views and some of the platform’s biggest users have even seen the video.

Fellow Tik Tok creator and songwriter Jax caught wind of the video and left a comment.

“Finally nows my chance,” he joked in reference to the dog’s actions.

YouTube comedian Tevin Musara also got in on the fun. He replied saying, “He wanted to create an air hole. He’s a certified dogter.”

And finally, YouTuber lamozie was left to wonder, “I really want to know what he planning to do with a knife.”


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Dog Had Been Trained in the Past to Get a Knife

Although Dunkin’s actions were surprising to so many viewers on Tik Tok, they were not all that surprising at all to the dog’s owner. Deecken sent an Instagram direct message to Fox News explaining that her dog had been previously trained to retrieve a knife.

“He did grab it from a cubby built in the cabinet,” she said. “No one handed it to him.”

“The trick isn’t for protection, it’s a fun party trick,” she explained. “When I want him to get it for laughs on command, I tell him, ‘Dunkin, [people] are talking about you,’ in which he goes and grabs it from the handle. Dunkin has been specially trained for stunts like that, and the knife is too dull to cause damage. I would never put him at risk.”

Dunkin going to get the knife in a time of distress for his owner was definitely a little odd. Especially because Deecken says he usually does it when he is commanded to. But evidently, those were just his instincts in that situation.

And as for Deecken, who has now gone viral on Tik Tok, we can maybe expect some more dog videos from her in the future.

“I enjoy making videos like that to make people happy in whatever way I can.”