WATCH: Giant Floating Head Hovers Over Parkgoers in Strange Video

by Clayton Edwards

What do you expect to see when you go to a park? Usually, folks can look forward to watching birds or squirrels going about their daily business. On the other hand, parks usually offer a great chance to do some people watching. If you’re really lucky, you might even see a nice dog who loves getting scratched behind its ears. People who went to Yoyogi Park just west of Tokyo’s city center last Friday saw something completely different. They saw a giant floating head.

Giant floating heads aren’t something you see every day. So, many Tokyo residents and out-of-towners who just came to enjoy the popular park were left stunned by the display. The enormous photorealistic head confused, amused, and frightened people all day long. Check out the video below to see some of the footage caught by astounded bystanders.

A closer look shows that the giant floating head isn’t some nightmare come to life. Nor is it the strangest UFO sighting ever recorded. It’s a hot air balloon made to look like one random woman from somewhere in the world.

The Japanese art, design, and culture publication Spoon & Tamago reported that the giant floating head was part of an art installation. The Japanese art collective Mé created the hot air balloon for the single-day installation. They call the project Masayume. That translates to “Dream come true,” in English. Though, to some that giant floating head looks more like a nightmare come to life. At least, it might before they see the basket dangling under it.

This isn’t the First Giant Floating Head

The face of the giant floating head is a real person. However, the collective is keeping their identity under wraps. They took submissions from around the world. Thousands of people submitted their faces to be part of the installation. So, somewhere out there, someone is showing all of their friends videos and photos of their likeness floating about Tokyo.

Spoon & Tamago reported on a similar installation by the same collective back in 2014. However, unlike the latest giant floating head, the previous one was tethered to the ground. It was also modeled after a local resident. Instead of taking international submissions, the collective drew from a pool of locals.

More specifically, they collected photographs from older men in the local area. The collective got the inspiration for the initial giant floating head from a dream that Haruka Kojin had as a child. Kojin is one of the three core members of the art collective. They called the 2014 installation The Day an Ojisan’s Face Floated in the Sky. “Ojisan,” is a Japanese word that means “old man.”

They floated the Ojisan balloon on multiple days. However, Masayume was a single-day event. Luckily there is plenty of footage of the strange hot air balloon making its way through Tokyo.