Hundreds of Bikers Unite for Ride Honoring Friend Who Died in Motorcycle Crash

by Courtney Blackann

The community of Sands Springs, Oklahoma is mourning the loss of one of its own. During a horrific motorcycle accident over the 4th of July weekend, Allen Simpson and his fiancée Mariah Meschkat suffered severe road rash and other critical injuries. Simpson didn’t survive. In addition to Meschkat, he also left between their two-year-old daughter.

Now fellow motorcycle enthusiasts and friends are honoring Simpson with a bike parade. Hundreds joined in to remember the man who loved to ride. With horns honking and friends sharing memories, the ride was also an opportunity to raise money for Meschkat and her daughter.

“That was our, our life really. Being parents and riding Harleys,” said Meschkat, according to local reports. Simpson’s fiancée said he was a funny, caring man who was always joking around. While the man passed away, Meschkat is glad to have her daughter as a small piece of him.

“Attitude, looks, all of it. She’s the closest thing I have to him,” Meschkat said.

Friends and family were all too happy to participate in the motorcycle ride, sharing memories of Simpson and rallying behind the people he left behind.

During the initial incident, Simpson lost control of his motorcycle while exiting a major highway. He suffered a fracture to his skull and spent several days in the ICU before succumbing to a brain bleed.

The motorcycle ride included six poker stops complete with auctions and raffles for the family.

“I got a little girl. And if I lost her or she lost me, I wouldn’t know what she would do without me,” said DJ Burris, a close friend of Simpson’s. He added that the event would have brought Simpson to tears if he could have been there.

Bizarre Motorcycle Accident Leaves Man Dead After Crashing into Bear

Earlier this year, a man died after crashing his motorcycle into a brown bear in Florida. The bear was standing in the center of the road where the man was traveling. While he attempted to make a turn, there was nothing the man could do and he ended up hitting the bear.

After the impact, the man was thrown from the bike where he hit his dead and later died. He was 42. The man was also not wearing a helmet, according to reports.

Unfortunately, the bear was also killed in the collision.

The incident happened in Ocala National Forest.

Though the accident seems like a very bizarre happening, it’s actually not too uncommon for bears to be on roadways. Bears are most active during dusk and vehicle collisions with bears were on the rise in 2020. At least four bears were struck on roadways near Yosemite National Park. Two of the bears in those cases died, while the other two were injured.