WATCH: Little Cowboy Riding Around on PBR ‘Bouncy’ Bull is the Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

by Shelby Scott

It’s Monday and that means it’s the beginning of a long week for some of you Outsiders. Additionally, PBR (Professional Bull Riders) is celebrating Bull Week with a sale. In celebration of Bull Week, PBR shared the cutest video of this bucking menace and his rider on their Twitter page. Check it out.

While we know it’s not a perfect cure for a day of shift work, we hope it at least made you smile. As if the little boy and the bouncy bull weren’t cute enough, be sure to watch for this cowboy’s perfect dismount at the end. Contrastly, his bovine partner collapses in exhaustion. Although the boy doesn’t quite ride out on 7 seconds, the video tops at 8 so I suppose we’ll give it to him.

In addition to the miniature bouncy bull, the PBR shop website also has a larger version of the bouncy bull for larger future bull riders. But for now, we’ll just be watching this guy on loop.

Cody Johnson’s Career Originally Began as a PBR Participant

It’s bulls and blood for some country singers and Cody Johnson is probably the latest. Yessir, before becoming a country artist, Johnson was a professional bull rider, hence PBR. According to the artist’s “About” page, Johnson grew up in Sebastapol, Texas listening to music in honky-tonks across the trinity river. The page further says he learned drums and guitar in junior high, and it’s also where he began writing songs.

He first joined the PBR circuit however and sold CDs out of the back of his pickup truck in between shows. His “About” further states that broken bones and the cost of participating in the circuit eventually wore on him, and that’s about when he turned to country music.

Johnson officially kicked off his career in country music with his Warner Music Nashville project with Ain’t Nothin’ To It. He’s had prominent songwriters such as Chris Stapleton and Brothers Osborne’s John Osborne work with him. His page even says his music has drawn comparisons to country music icon Garth Brooks.

Cody Johnson is Releasing a New Documentary: ‘Dear Rodeo’

We’re glad Cody Johnson went with country music rather than the PBR circuit, and the country artist has a new documentary coming out this month. The documentary, “Dear Rodeo: The Cody Johnson Story,” premieres in theaters on August 10 so country music fans can take a peek into the artist’s life and music career very, very soon.

The new film explores his life in the rodeo circuit prior to his life-altering career change. Combined with musical influences such as George Strait, Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw, and Johnny Cash among others, the artist’s rodeo career seems to have truly shaped his music.

Further, Johnson revealed he actually hesitated several times in signing with any big-name labels in between his music and rodeo career. “You can be devoured by the music business,” Johnson said. “You can fall into horrible things from the very beginning…I’ve grown up a lot, because the school of hard knocks and honky-tonks will teach you a lot.”