WATCH: Maine State Trooper Rescues Missing Man During Storm

by Kati Michelle

The waves of extreme weather that we’ve encountered this year have been no joke. We’re talking earthquakes in Utah and Kentucky, then tornado after tornado across major portions of the midwest. And let’s not forget that certain parts of Colorado have yet to get even a single measurable snowfall. But while Fort Collins holds out for a “White Christmas,” snowstorms have already wreaked havoc in the northeast.

These snowstorms pose great risks to homeless people and the elderly, especially in the case of Alzheimer’s or Dementia. It takes less than 30 minutes in sub-freezing temperatures for frostbite and hypothermia to kick in. And that’s what almost happened in the city of Vassalboro. The Maine State Police shared dramatic bodycam footage which shows how a state trooper rescued a missing man during a particularly bad storm.

You can watch the intense rescue here:

A Snow Plow Driver’s Tip Helped Authorities Locate the Missing Man and Rescue Him

Along with the footage, a Facebook post from the Police Department describes what happened. On Wednesday right before dawn, Maine State Police responded to a missing persons report. They received word that an elderly man diagnosed with Alzheimer’s had wandered away from his home. They launched a search right away to try to locate him.

Luckily, a snowplow driver in the area was able to provide the police with a tip about the man’s possible location. Trooper Tyler Harrington then located the 82-year-old in a ditch a short while later. The man was identified as Bernard Perry and already showed signs of severe hypothermia and frostbite.

The trooper carried Perry back to the safety and warmth of his vehicle because he was unable to walk at that point. Together, they waited for emergency services to arrive.

The Elderly Man Was Transported to a Hospital for Treatment

An ambulance transported Perry to the Maine General Hospital located in Augusta. He remains here and is being treated for the injuries he sustained in the bitter storm.

The Maine Police released this statement regarding the matter:

“We are grateful Bernard Perry was found in a timely manner and is recuperating. We are also thankful for Trooper Harrington, Maine State Police Troopers, and all Law Enforcement Officers in Maine who do an exceptional job protecting the citizens of Maine and all those who visit our great state.”

Another Dramatic Wintry Rescue

A Washington family found themselves in a similar situation stuck in a winter storm ill-prepared and ill-equipped not too long ago. Here, a dream excursion into the Blue Mountains in search of the perfect Christmas tree nearly ended as a tragedy. Luckily, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife launched “Operation Griswold” and rescued them on a fleet of snowmobiles.

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