WATCH: Man Builds ‘Mega Mower’ With Lawnmower Left to Him By Grandfather

by Shelby Scott

The term “redneck” has certain connotations, depending on what side of the spectrum you’re on. For those who go by that term, nothing demonstrates country boy pride louder than a big set of tires. Trez Breck from Valliant, Oklahoma recently went viral for his jacked-up lawnmower he deemed the “Mega-Mower.”

The feat is definitely impressive. However, to put it simply, the 22-year-old took a lawn mower given to him by his grandfather and slapped a pair of 37-inch truck tires on it. Breck’s grandfather owned a machine shop for 30 years. After spending so much time there, it wasn’t long before the young man debuted with his own unique creation.

“I grew up in the machine shop learning how to tinker and things,” the OK resident shared.

The “Mega Mower” saw its birth just about four years ago. It consists of a regular Craftsmen lawnmower with the original engine still inside. The vehicle’s top speed reaches about 15 miles per hour.


“HOw Do YoU mOW wItH IT”#trending #hashtag #genius #redneck

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Brek said, “I’m a little mechanically inclined and a little on the stupid side, too. So I decided, ‘Let’s put these big tires on a lawnmower and see what we can do with it.”

The result was the epitome of a redneck joyride.

While Brek’s invention is definitely eyecatching, the TikTok he shared spotlighting the large mower at work is even more noteworthy. In it, we see the young man atop the “Mega Mower,” peacefully mowing the yard. But it’s the accompanying soundtrack that truly highlights the redneckery of the machine.

“Bud Light presents: Real Men of Genius,” the narrator states, and truly Brek fits the mark.

Outsiders Love a Decked-Out Lawnmower

While Brek sees fame, and possibly fortune, result from the invention of the “Mega Mower,” other Outsiders share even more diverse takes on their passion for lawnmowers.

Manitoba’s Peter Heide previously built and owns a fully electric tractor which he created about 25 years ago. The machine was coined an “electric utility tractor” and has the ability to blow snow, mow grass, grade driveways, and tow big loads.” With such a versatile machine, who even needs a truck?

However, for drivers looking for both speed and efficiency in a lawnmower, you’re out of luck this time as the engine maxes out a less than enthralling 5 miles per hour. Regardless, the machine can do just about anything else. Heide previously stated, “No one’s ever made an electric-powered tractor as well-built or as versatile as mine.”

The tractor’s electrically powered engine provides Heide the ability to mow lawns for about half a day before it runs out of juice. To blow snow in the winter, the machine can run for about three hours which, if you’re from colder climates, you know is a good quitting time to head in, warm-up, and prepare to face the cold again later.

So while we ogle these incredibly versatile and innovative machines, we can only hope that, eventually, they’re mass-produced so Outsiders everywhere can utilize an extreme lawnmower.