WATCH: Military Dad Pulls Off Elaborate Plan to Surprise Kids Upon Return Home

by Emily Morgan

As many are chalking up 2020 as a year they’re looking forward to forgetting, it’s crucial to take time to notice 2020’s joyous moments. One family was able to feel joy when a military dad gave his children the surprise of their lives.

Military dad and veteran Ron Johnson hadn’t seen his young children for more than a year while in Iraq. Their time apart would come to an end when they opened the car to see their dad in the trunk after he returned from deployment.

After months of communicating virtually through video calls, the trio of children immediately jumped into their dad’s arms. The young children would finally be able to hug Johnson in person.

Military Children Get Surprise of a Lifetime

Johnson, a sergeant with the Indiana Army National Guard, had been deployed in Iraq for over a year. The father-of-three was away from home in Osceola, Indiana, for 367 days.

Luckily for the family, Johnson received news that he could head home. Soon after he began working with his wife, Becky, 36, on the big surprise.

The precious moment took place at Becky’s mother’s home, with Becky pulling into the driveway and walking inside to collect the kids. Little did they know that their father was hiding in the trunk, preparing to give them a surprise they’d never forget.

Thankfully Becky was able to capture the children’s reactions as she lead the children to the van for the reveal.

According to Johnson, everyone was highly emotional for the entire event, saying, “It was really sensory overload for me.”

“It was something that I had been looking forward to for so long and it was about ready to happen. It was hard to wrap my mind around it.”

“Being gone that long makes your mind look at things differently. One minute, I was home living my normal daily life; the next I was saying my goodbyes and in full military mode.”

Military Dad Hopes Others Feel Joy From Video & Never Forget Those Who Serve

Johnson also discussed the message of love he hopes viewers find in the touching video.

“I hope that by watching the video people will feel the warmth and love of a family reunited, focusing on family and what really matters in life.”

He also emphasized the importance of never forgetting that, even though it’s been nearly two decades since 9/11, we should always remember those who’ve served our country.

“I hope that people are reminded that 19 years after the Twin Towers fell, there are still men and women leaving their families, going into harm’s way, so that other generations will never know the pain of that day again.”