WATCH: Tennessee Dad Gets Stuck in Dollywood Ride Intended for Kids

by Samantha Whidden

It’s all fun and games until you get stuck on a kid’s ride. At least, that’s the lesson a Tennessee dad learned during his recent Dollywood visit. 

According to the New York Post, the dad, Isaac Jarnagin, learned the hard way that he needed to be way smaller in order to fit into Dollywood’s Busy Bee ride. He struggled for nearly a minute to get out of the ride. The video’s caption reads, “When it comes to fatherhood, the struggle is real.”

According to Dollywood’s rider requirement chart, there are no restrictions on weight and height for the Busy Bees ride. The ride’s description reads, “Our ‘busy bees’ are all abuzz with fun and excitement! Ride along as the ‘bumble bee’ cars fly ‘round and ‘round. It’s a ride that promises to ‘busy ’the entire family with lots of fun.”

Riders of Dollywood’s Busy Bee ride must have the ability to sit upright independently during the “dynamic” conditions of the ride. Riders must also have control of their upper torso, head, and neck. However, it does say the ride may not accommodate guests of larger stature. This is due to the configuration of the safety restraint system. 

Dollywood Mourns the Loss of One Of Its Own as a Long-Time Employee Passes Away 

On Monday (December 20th) it was reported that one of Dollywood’s longest employees unexpectedly passed away over the weekend. According to WVLT 8, the employee, named Johnnie Crawford, began working for the theme park when it first opened in 1986. He was 94-years-old when he died. 

The media outlet revealed that Crawford began working at Dollywood when he was 58-years-old. He loved Dolly Parton. He also never missed one day of working at the theme park in 32 years. “I like to tell people I came with Dolly,” the late employee declared in 2015.

Dollywood officials issued a statement about Crawford’s passing. “Ms. Johnnie personified the war and inviting friendliness for which Dollywood has become so well known. She was a bright light for every guest who visited Dolly’s Chasing Rainbows Museum. And she often said her favorite part of the job was being able to meet so many different people. And earn about them.”

The officials also stated that it was a common sight to see her fellow Dollywood hosts stopping by to say hello and spend time with her. “In fact, each time Dolly visited the museum, Ms. Johnie would joke with her that they both started their jobs at Dollywood at the same time. She certainly will be missed by her Dollywood family.”

The late Dollywood employee’s family also described her as “tough and gentle’ after growing up during the Great Depression. She also said she could survive on very little.