WATCH: Terrifying Video Shows Debris Flying Through the Air During Illinois Twister

by Shelby Scott

A swathe of tornadoes struck areas across Southern Illinois earlier Monday as severe weather moved through the area. Terrifying footage captures the moment one Twister sends debris flying through the air. Dust beneath circles the bottom of the funnel at the base of the storm system.

The twister initially scatters the debris in a wide arch around its base before sucking it up toward the funnel. Later in the clip, commentators point out the massive amount of dust spiraling up beneath the twister as well.

Reports claim multiple tornadoes struck the Midwestern state Monday afternoon. However, Fox2Now claims the worst stricken area lies on a narrow path within eastern Greene County. The worst-hit county lies about an hour northeast of St. Louis.

Part of the destruction centered on a large machine shed, the force of the twister completely leveling the structure. The witness further told the news outlet the intense wind also caused a nearby silo to cave in. Following impact, cornstalks surrounding the building went airborne amid the tornado, though reportedly no one was hurt.

Outsider waits to hear additional reports surrounding Monday’s tornados spanning Southern Illinois. The state continues to see a reduction of tornado watches and warnings Monday evening.

Man Captures Gutwrenching Moment a Twister Destroys His Home

Destruction resulting from Monday’s Illinois twisters appears farreaching. Although authorities have not released official reports surrounding total damage across the state. Further, footage from Monday’s storms captures the true force of twisters across the Midwest.

However, earlier last month, the East Coast suffered its own twisters and tornadoes resulting from the infamous Hurricane Ida.

Reports highlighted the ultimate destruction spread across the south following the Cat-4 hurricane. However, later, thunderstorms and heavy rainfall across the northeast resulted in damaging flooding and tornadoes, especially in New Jersey.

One Mullica Hill, NJ resident captured the horrifying moment his house was destroyed by a powerful twister. His video captures the suspenseful moments before impact and the costly damages and windy conditions following the tornado’s arrival. You can check out the astonishing clip here.

The NJ resident, Mark Kobylinski, appeared to be home alone with his dog as the twister passed through. The middle of the clip captures the moment Kobylinski and his dog head to the basement to wait out the storm’s passing. Viewers can hear terrifying cracks and creaks as the storm strikes the house, impact killing the power and some sort of detector beeping in the background.

Slowly, he and his dog emerge from the basement to take in the scene. While we only receive a bit of insight as to the damage as a broken window lets in gusty wind and debris litters the yard, the footage captures more dramatic scenes toward the end.

Soon enough, Kobylinski pans over to the right side of his home, where the tornado has completely ripped an entire side of the home off of its structure.