WATCH: Terrifying Video Shows Smoking Car Fly Off Overpass Landing on Busy Highway in Front of Truck

by Madison Miller

We are currently in one of the busiest summers for travel. Many people are taking this opportunity to travel around the U.S. after a lot of the country was shut down due to COVID-19 the past year. Summer tends to have more accidents, as well. This is anything from more teens on the road because there’s no school, the heat causing equipment to malfunction, and even the increase in roadway construction.

According to Daily Mail, a terrible and nearly deadly accident happened on Highway 99 in California last week. A man was casually driving down the highway in a video captured from a dashcam. Suddenly, he hears screaming and notices a horrendous scene unfolding.

A white car can be seen soaring through the air on his left, releasing waves of smoke in its wake. The car flies over an overpass before nosediving just a few feet directly in front of him. It proceeds to flip over a few times and land upside down. Apparently, the car was going incredibly quickly down the freeway when it all went down.

It was a lucky scenario. Despite flying cars, smoke, getting within feet of another car, and nearly hitting power lines, no one was seriously hurt during the incident. The truck driver, along with a passenger with him, immediately spring into action. They dialed 911 and said, “It jumped the whole road,” since explaining the wild crash seemed nearly impossible over the phone.

Details of the Car Accident

The man is seen running to the car. He tries to open the door to the car and also retrieves a water bottle from his truck to try to put out a potentially deadly fire in the engine. Both of the car doors were jammed, which makes sense considering the extent of the damages.

The car only had one person in it. “By some miracle, the person was laying face down on the roof in the passenger side. I was quite shocked and perplexed how someone escaped such an impact. God must have had his hand with that person,” the man explained in a YouTube video from The Life of Mike and Fam. Despite the scene of a flying car and a nosedive into the pavement, the woman in the vehicle only has minor injuries. She’s basically a walking miracle.

It’s unclear exactly what went down on the road that day. There hasn’t been any official word from the police or emergency responders. CBS Sacramento reported that a witness saw the car was driving backward to exit an on-ramp when it was involved in a hit and run. The car missed a hard left turn and drove right over the overpass.

Meanwhile, an accident today (June 18) left four people dead in Hickory Hills, Illinois. According to ABC News, a car with six people lost control and hit a tree. The car was split in half. Two people died on the scene and two others died after being taken to the hospital.