WATCH: Virginia Cop Saves Fellow Officer from On-Coming Car in Split-Second Decision

by Shelby Scott

Two officers’ Sunday traffic stop almost turned deadly when an oncoming car slammed into one officer’s parked vehicle. Footage shows one officer pulled his colleague to safety by her forearms as the oncoming vehicle slams the officer’s SUV. The clip shows the vehicle forced off the road and backward toward the other patrol car. Check out the harrowing clip below.

The split-second save was made by Officer Matthew Stewart. His quick reaction came just seconds before the impact, the cops safely making it out of harm’s way. According to the New York Post, Stewart had been talking with fellow officer Jessica McGraw about a driver’s license status when the crash occurred.

Of the save, Police Chief Justin Miller said, “It is my belief the quick actions of Officer Stewart not only saved himself from serious bodily injury or death but also that of Officer McGraw.”

The Post further said neither officer suffered serious injuries, but Stewart felt a pain in his leg after the crash. He said his limb “went numb like I had a bad charley horse.”

Stewart most likely suffered leg pain after the brush guard on McGraw’s SUV hit his leg during the crash. Fortunately, both officers are able to and plan to return to duty.

Dedicated K9 Suffers Bullet Wounds for Handling Officer

Officer Stewart’s viral rescue has rightfully received hero‘s praise after he saved the life of his fellow officer. However, when it comes to law enforcement’s canine companions, it’s easy to forget just how close those bonds are.

A scary incident last month saw several police officers taking gunfire after receiving a call about a stolen vehicle, its driver first held at gunpoint. The Lyft driver that called in the encounter said he had picked up the gunman, now identified as Shedrick Singleton, Jr. (21), and driven to a remote Orlando location. At that point, the driver was forced out of the car and Singleton drove the vehicle toward the woods.

Officers responding to the call quickly tracked the vehicle and pursued the gunman, however, they immediately began receiving gunfire. During the encounter, two of the unit’s canines took bullets intended for the officers. Fox News eventually released footage from the scene, although the handler’s anxious reaction and the dog’s harsh vocalizations indicate things were possibly worse than they initially appear.

You can check out the clip here, however, know the footage is a bit intense. Above all things, we hear the handler’s strained voice clip out, “He shot the dog!” The footage continues as the dog strains to breathe and the handler shouts, “He’s shot in the face!” The remainder of the footage captures mostly audio as the officer does what he can to keep the canines alive, encouraging his companions on the way to receive treatment.