WATCH: Wild Surveillance Video Shows Fiery Crash as Man Slams Into Multiple Gas Pumps

by Madison Miller

Surveillance footage from a gas station has captured an intense and dangerous, flame-filled crash that happened Tuesday (August 31).

The crash happened in Adamsville, Tennessee. Police have stated that the driver was speeding along the road. He then lost control of his car when he rounded the curve at Baptist Street and West Main Street.

Car Crashes Into Gas Pumps

As a result, the vehicle went through several lanes of traffic, plowed through grass, and hit a tree right in front of a library. It didn’t stop there, however. The car was still traveling at a high speed when it spun around and went straight into a couple of gas pumps. The speed at which the car collided with the pumps led to a fiery crash.

According to WKRN, the driver of the vehicle is currently listed as missing and endangered. The driver was airlifted to the hospital after the crash occurred. However, their injuries and status are currently unknown. No one else appeared to be seriously injured from the fiery crash.

In the video, a woman is standing at the rear of her car when the driver suddenly collides with her vehicle and the nearby pump. She is knocked onto the ground from the force of the collision.

Something similar also occurred earlier this month in Austin, Texas. A teenager was driving a Tesla Model X when he crashed into a traffic pole at an intersection and then a gas pump at a nearby Shell gas station. The vehicle quickly burst into flames following the collision.

The teenager was able to quickly escape from the vehicle prior to its bursting into flames. According to NBC, the driver was arrested for driving while intoxicated. Similar to the crash in Tennessee, no injuries were reported following the fiery collision.

The car, estimated at $80,000, was completely totaled after exploding at the scene of the crash.

Hurricane Ida Road Incident

Meanwhile, the effects of the Category 4 Hurricane Ida that hit the coastline of Louisiana and impacted other states are still being felt. Adverse weather is continuing in the Northeast as the remnants of Ida surge past.

Mississippi had a deadly incident occur on a local highway. Two people died and 10 were injured when their vehicles fell through a deep hole as the highway collapsed out from under them.

It was the heavy torrential rain that caused the highway to weaken to the point of destruction. According to CBS News, the collapsed part of Highway 26 was about 50 feet long and 20 feet deep.

There are still millions of people living without power in areas of Louisiana and Mississippi. Search and rescue initiatives are still underway to find those trapped or to recover bodies from the destruction Hurricane Ida left behind.