Wendy’s Breaks McDonald’s Pattern Inside Walmart With First Restaurant Opening

by Shelby Scott

Walmart shoppers frequently find comfort at the thought that should they experience major hunger while food shopping, most locations boast a McDonald’s to fall back on. However, one Walmart location is breaking norms as it features the superstore chain’s first Wendy’s restaurant opening.

However, the new location differs from a traditional Wendy’s restaurant. First, it plans to go by Wendy’s Hamburger Stand. The lucky Walmart is located in Heath Ohio. According to Today, the stand is noticeably smaller than your average Wendy’s location. Regardless, locals have reason to celebrate as the eatery’s menu features a host of new and special items.

According to a Wendy’s spokesperson, the stand emphasizes the idea of BYO (“build your own”). The outlet stated the new location encourages patrons to, “build everything from their Nugget size and preferred flavor, and dream hamburger from start to finish.”

Additionally, the new location’s menu boasts several exclusive items only found at the hamburger stand. These include nuggets in flavors like Jalepeño Cheddar or Buttermilk Ranch. They also plan to feature sweet treats such as a strawberry frosty, desserts topped with Lucky Charms marshmallows and more.

As if that weren’t enough, it appears Wendy’s plans to execute some new locations in Ohio as well. Plans began for a Wendy’s Snack Shop set to open in a different Ohio Walmart.

Wendy’s Patrons Narrowly Avoided Serious Injury

While the Ohio Walmart prepares to welcome the newest branch of Wendy’s fast-food franchise, another Wendy’s location in New Jersey recently avoided major tragedy.

Last week, a New Jersey driver lost control of their vehicle then went airborne. The unintended flight landed at the doorstep of a crowded Wendy’s location. The out-of-control vehicle struck an Audi waiting in the drive-through line. Then, it narrowly missed plowing into a family seated outside the establishment.

Two of the location’s cameras caught the wreck on video. One view shows the car plowing through the drive-through line. The other catches the car taking out a table beside the family on video. Following the accident, the location itself remained functional, regardless of the insane occurrence.

According to South Brunswick police, thankfully, no one faced major injuring following the incident. Reports said first responders transported the driver to a hospital. Authorities later found the driver may have suffered from a medical emergency. Other than that, the family occupying the Audi took a child to receive care at the hospital as well.

The police chief on scene told the media that the occurrence could be equated to a miracle. “To think,” the chief said, “it was the middle of the day, people were eating inside and outside, and none of them were injured.”