Why Gabby Petito Case Prosecutors Are Reportedly Waiting to Make Any Decisions Regarding Brian Laundrie

by Shelby Scott

As authorities have confirmed the death of 22-year-old now-found hiker, Gabby Petito, Americans across the country grow impatient with authorities. All likelihood points to Brian Laundrie as the case’s prime subject. However, prosecutors supposedly wait to make any further decisions pending two primary conclusions.

Interestingly, TMZ reports law enforcement with direct knowledge of the case continue to pursue Brian Laundrie as their prime suspect. However, officially, the 23-year-old still remains a person of interest following latest reports.

Additionally, the news outlets stated they, and the rest of the country, continue to wait on their toes. At the moment, federal prosecutors remain unsure whether or not Laundrie is still even alive. What’s more, many remain positive Laundrie is somehow involved with Miss Gabby Petito’s death, ruled a homicide. However, authorities nevertheless need to obtain proof of who actually committed the murder. And right now, that’s dependent upon both further autopsy reports and locating Brian Laundrie himself.

Others believe Laundrie possibly left Gabby Petito out in the wilderness alone and someone else remains responsible for her death. Although, both Laundrie’s silence following his return home and his sudden disappearance potentially state otherwise.

As the investigation ensues and authorities continue their search for Brian Laundrie, federal prosecutors have staked a claim in the case. The outlet claims her investigation has reached the federal level. This is because her death took place in Grand Teton National Park, one of the country’s numerous federal lands.

Friends of Petito Reveal Underlying Relationship Problems with Brian Laundrie

The couple’s social media posts reveal they maintained a happy, simple relationship. Although, following Petito’s death, friends of the young woman have spoken out about more realistic peculiarities about their relationship.

Like many imbalanced high school romantic relationships, friends said Petito and Laundrie were frequently on-again-off-again. 2016 saw several months’ separation before they reinitiated their relationship.

One of Petito’s high school friends, Alyssa Chen, shared what little she knew of the intricacies of the pair’s relationship.

“I never saw any sort of physical abuse,” although, she did report, “They had very high highs and very low lows.” Nevertheless, Chen did share, “But [Gabby] always said he was a good boyfriend.”

Petito’s high school friend did not expand on what “high highs” and “low lows” meant. However, those who’ve stood witness to typical on-and-off high school relationships either ascertain either immaturity or incompatibility responsible for constant breakups and makeups.

Further, as more information comes to the fore about both Laundrie and Petito, it seems the pair admittedly did not make for a good couple. Earlier reports claim Gabby was adventurous, intent on living her new “van life” to the max, aiming to thrive as a travel blogger. Meanwhile, following the 911 domestic abuse call made mid-August, we learned Laundrie took issue with Gabby’s passion and did not believe she was capable of succeeding.

The claim alone points to a rather toxic relationship, although only so much may be gleaned from the single interaction. So, while prosecutors have not advanced any potential claims, it appears law enforcement remains aware of the potentiality of Laundrie’s connection to Petito’s death.