Woman Has 100 White Castle Sliders at Her 100th Birthday

by Amy Myers

Forget the frosting and the candles. Grab some ketchup and fries, instead. This St. Louis woman decided that a cake just wasn’t special enough for her 100th birthday. So, she celebrated with 100 White Castle sliders for her triple-digit day.

For Lydia Motchan, White Castle is more than just a fast-food restaurant with legendary burgers. It was an important part of her childhood. Growing up during the Great Depression, Motchan shared that the restaurant’s sliders were a treat her family could afford, even when her father struggled to find a job.

“A hamburger only cost a quarter and if you were lucky enough to cut a coupon out of the newspaper, you could buy six for 25 cents,” Motchan told TODAY. A quarter during the 1930s equates to roughly $4.07 today. White Castle now serves their original sliders for 72 cents.

Since then White Castle has held an important place in her heart–so much so that Motchan claims she might even wear the slider’s scent as a perfume.

“The wonderful aroma of White Castle in an automobile is something quite delightful,” the 100-year-old shared, “There’s nothing quite like it. I’d like to bottle it as a perfume and keep it, put it behind my ears. Well, maybe not.”

The St. Louis native also stated that she talks about the restaurant as much as she can. If she finds someone she doesn’t know, she always manages to spark a good conversation about the burger chain.

Oddly enough, the burger chain is also celebrating its 100th birthday this year, too. In order to make her and the restaurant’s birthdays extra special, Motchan’s family reached out to White Castle to see if they wanted to participate in her birthday party.

“Turns out they did,” said Motchan’s son, Bill.

White Castle Gifts St. Louis Centenarian With 100 Sliders

In order to help their loyal customer celebrate her milestone, White Castle provided Motchan with a slider for every year she was alive. On top of the huge and delicious gift, the chain restaurant also gave her a plaque commemorating her big day as well as the impact of the burgers on her life.

The plaque boasted White Castle’s birthday logo at the top, a medieval curtain wall with candles on top. Below the graphic, it read, “In recognition of this momentous milestone, we wish you a very happy 100th birthday! Thank you for being a loyal craver!”

According to White Castle vice president, Jamie Richardson, the franchise was happy to make Motchan’s day a little more special.

“Our mission is to create memorable moments every day, so when we learned we shared a 100th birthday with Lydia we wanted to find a way to celebrate this momentous milestone together,” Richardson said.