World’s First Flying Motorcycle Completes Successful Test Runs

by Matthew Memrick

The first flying motorcycle could soon be in your garage after successful testing, but be prepared for the hefty price tag.

According to Yahoo! News, Jetpack Aviation has created a flying motorcycle that can reach speeds of 300 miles per hour. It could easily be yours if you’re ready to pay an initial price tag of $380,000.

And the price could climb even more once the flying motorcycle hits the market, according to

Speeder Flying Motorcycle Testing Complete

Recently, the company completed its prototype tests in Moorpark, California. According to Aerospace Testing International, the device was “able to take-off, climb, hover, yaw, and perform a slow movement in forward flight.”

Soon after, Jetpack started lining up orders for production and sales. However, the company’s website states it will only produce 20 recreational Speeders with future production contingent on military and government purchasing.

The California company has two versions of the mobile device in both recreational and military/commercial models. Currently, the Speeder goes by its P1 prototype name, with additional prototypes on the way.

“We’ve got potential end users in the US Marine Corps that want to be able to fly, say, 300 miles. To do that, you’d need a large wingspan of 15-17,” JetPack Aviation CEO David Mayman told

In a promotional video, The Speeder floats through the sky. It comes off as a cross between a Jet Ski and a helicopter.

How Does the Flying Motorcycle Work?

The 231-pound machine is fully stabilized and features a fly-by-wire. The company states that four turbojet engines power it for vertical liftoff, and it can run on kerosene or diesel fuel. A zero-net carbon version is also in the works.

The reported that there could be as many as eight turbojet engines to power the device and carry two passengers.

The company says that the Speeder will be small enough to transport in a car or motorcycle trailer. The company claims the production model will have a maximum carrying capacity of 600 pounds and cruise at an altitude of 15,000-feet above ground. The flight would come with a 20-minute range.

To top it all off, the size of the motorcycle can fit in the back of a truck and does not need charging before taking off.

The production version of the Speeder will have a modular design, with different types of frames and propulsion setups.

JetPack Aviation started building the world’s first portable JetPack between 2010 and 2015. After eight models, JetPack CEO David Mayman flew the JB9 JetPack around the Statue of Liberty in November 2015.

Before that, an original engineer in the company, Nelson Tyler, created the world’s first rocketbelt. Bill Suitor flew that device in the opening ceremony of the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.