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Trucker Captures Chilling Dashcam Footage of Ghost-Like Figure: WATCH

by TK Sanders

A truck driver’s dashcam video caught the silhouette of a mysterious ghost-like figure appearing on the side of an empty road in Arizona. Now viewers are debating the possibility of a supernatural occurrence.

William Church, a truck driver who was cruising down Arizona State Route 87 on Saturday with a camera on-board, noticed a bright glare in the right hand corner of the screen. Church took the footage to the internet to see if anyone else also thought it looked like a ghost.

The eerie specter appeared around 2:30 a.m. local time while Church passed the highway’s 200-mile marker. The marker sits between Phoenix and Payson, Arizona. Church told local FOX stations that he was the only car on the road at the time.

“You can see the lines through the legs making the figure,” Church said. ‘The thing is just standing in the roadway.”

Church’s clip is only six seconds long — blink and you’ll miss it. But once you see it, there’s no way to ‘un-see’ it.

Arizona State Route 87 is a north-to-south highway (odd-numbered interstates run vertically, even-numbered interstates run horizontally) that the government built in 1927. It measures approximately 272.66 miles. Like any major freeway, dozens of people have wrecked their cars over the years, many of whom died at the scene.

Back in 2017, Valley Chevy Dealers in Phoenix named State Route 87 as one of Arizona’s “most dangerous roads” for its “looping” turns.

Many social media viewers claim they’ve seen similar supernatural activity while driving on America’s highways.

“They’re out there,” one YouTuber commenter wrote with four shocked face emojis.

“I don’t think it’s glare,” another commenter said. “It’s too centralized on one spot. Spooky Spooky!”

“Yep saw it …it does have a most definite ghostly appearance,” another user said. “That’s for real I think.”

Are we sure the trucker saw a ghost and not an albino animal?

Sometimes in nature, what appears like a ghost is actually just a recessive gene. Last month a Wisconsin woman thought she had seen two ghosts cascading through the woods. Turns out, it was just a pair of sweet albino fawns following their mother against a snowy backdrop.

“I did a double take, grabbed my camera, and saw it was the twin albino fawns following their momma,” Kalan said. “I photographed them through the field until they reached the forest trees. A brief moment in time and a gift.”

Albinism is a condition in humans and animals that results from a lack of skin pigment due to both parents possessing a certain genetic makeup.

“An albino deer has no pigmentation,” naturalist Debra Williams explains. “It has the pink eyes and nose because the blood vessels are showing. The lack of pigment is what makes the fur and everything else white. Their hooves are even a white color. … They can often have other deformities, such as an arched spine or shorter legs. Not always, but it is common to have some other physical deformities in albinism.”