Trump Targeted by 97% of Political Jokes on Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon Shows

by Chris Haney

According to a Center for Media and Public Affairs study at George Mason University, late-night show hosts Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon targeted President Donald Trump in 97 percent of their presidential candidate-based jokes during the month of September.

The data from the study showed that hosts Colbert and Fallon told 455 jokes about Trump last month. In contrast, the comedians only told 14 jokes pertaining to Democratic candidate Joe Biden. In addition, the two comedians told 64 more jokes that involved Trump’s family and his administration.

“When Trump’s onstage, everyone else is blacked out,” George Mason communication professor Robert Lichter told the Associated Press about the study.

Trump Takes the Brunt of Most Late-Night Jokes

(Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

Since 1992, Lichter said he’s studied late-night humor and politics. He says comedians ridicule Republicans more often than Democrats most years. However, Lichter said right-leaning jokes outweigh their counterparts by far in 2020.  

In 2016, Trump received 78 percent of the punchlines during late-night programming. In comparison, 2016 Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton received around 22 percent of the punchlines. According to Lichter, comedians will continue to make fun of Trump for the foreseeable future even if he loses the 2020 election.  

“I think they will find a way to keep making jokes about Trump, even after he leaves office,” said Lichter. 

Colbert often leads his show with political jokes directed at Trump and his administration during its nightly monologue. The host is usually much more political than rival host Jimmy Fallon. Although Colbert is an outspoken critic of Trump, he showed a different side in recent weeks. Following Trump’s COVID-19 positive diagnosis, “The Late Show” host showed support for Trump as they transported the president to the hospital.  

“Now, say what you will about the president, and I do,” said Colbert on his show. “This is a serious moment for our nation. And we all wish the president and the first lady of the United States a speedy and a full recovery.” 

“I really think it’s important for all of us to separate the man from the office – and I hope on Nov. 3 we literally do,” joked Colbert. “But for now, I find it troubling, moving even, to see the president of the United States be taken to the hospital and to imagine the responsibility those service members flying that helicopter must feel.”

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