TSA Releases Top-10 List of Strangest Items Confiscated in 2021

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images)

Every year TSA releases their top 10 list of the strangest items they confiscate. Some of the items on the lists are hard to believe people would even try to bring. But what do you think made the 2021 list? Could it be as strange as they say?

Well, the Transportation Security Administration took the list to Twitter. And you can check it out below:

The Most Unusual Items Brought to TSA’s Attention

TSA made a fun three minute clip to show each item. And some of these items are very unusual. I mean, why would someone even try to hide bullets in their deodorant?

The following item showed a pistol with a clever message. “Is your one shot worth…a mug shot?” Obviously, the TSA is going to notice a gun right away.

The next strangest item is a little on the gross side with a meth burrito. No further comment…

“You can’t speed your way through security with this one,” they said.

Fast forward to the final item, which is also the one you wouldn’t expect to fit in someone’s luggage. Furthermore, if you think you need a chainsaw on vacation, then maybe you should rethink your trip. I mean, what are you planning on doing with this anyways? I guess the world will never know.

Additionally, people were flooding the comments with their own TSA experiences.

For example, one said, “When I was an airport employee at SFO, I saw and heard so many things. People were absolutely abhorrent to TSA employees. I went through TSA frequently escorting pax, even I got searched which I never minded one bit. My hat is always off to TSA peeps. Always….”

Only bring what’s necessary when you’re packing for a trip. And no, a chainsaw is not it.

Security Struggles With Increases in COVID-19 Cases

According to the Washington Post, the coronavirus is still affecting the TSA staff. On that note, this makes it difficult for security to check luggage quickly. A recent report said there are 3,694 cases since the beginning of the year. So, it’s best to be patient with the remaining service.