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Twitter Reacts to 6’2″ 10-Year-Old Football Player Steamrolling Opponents

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Karl Gehring / Contributor/ Getty Images)

At the age of ten, how tall were you? Four feet? Maybe even 5 feet if you are lucky? Well, according to Twitter, this ten-year-old football player is 6’2”.

For reference, the average height for a ten-year-old male is 54.5 inches, so roughly four feet, six and a half inches. That would make this kid nearly two feet taller than his teammates. 

When the tweet went viral of the tall boy, people on social media were calling for his birth-certificate in disbelief, referencing the 2006 movie, The Benchwarmers.

Some made jokes about the size difference between number 71 and his teammate and how it had a slight resemblance to this scene.

While some blamed his early growth spurt on a certain dietary choice.

A few have strategies for how opponents could slow the boy down, while many also feared for their children’s safety when playing against a person this size.

This user saw the star potential for the division one school starting at a such young age.


In the video, you see the quarterback throw the ball to the sizable boy as soon as it is snapped. Very predictable. 

Number 71 then takes the ball all the way to the end zone as the smaller kids are no match for his size, and they bounce off him with ease. You even see the tall boy stiff-arm one unfortunate peewee opponent. 

The tweet, posted by ‘Football Is Life,’ has already received more than 80 retweets, 62 quote tweets, and 321 likes.  

In addition, a boy in Texas dealt with a similar reaction when fans saw him dominating his youth football team. Nearly two weeks ago, another video went viral of a 5’1”, 130-pound six-year-old. Yes, you read that correct, six years old.  

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