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Twitter Reacts to Amy Coney Barrett Joining Supreme Court

by Chris Haney
Photo by Leigh Vogel-Pool/Getty Images

On Monday night, Justice Clarence Thomas will administer an oath to Amy Coney Barrett who will be sworn into the U.S. Supreme Court during a ceremony at the White House.

Accordingly, the Notre Dame law professor and 7th Circuit Court of Appeals judge will be the third appointment to the high court by President Trump. Ronald Reagan was the last president to nominate three new justices to the Supreme Court. The decision comes only a week before the November presidential election.

Monday’s vote ran continuously from Sunday night through Monday over 30 consecutive hours of floor debates. The vote marked the end of a 40-day confirmation process that began when Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away.

In fact, during the process, Democrats objected adamantly as Republicans rushed to confirm their nomination to the high court. Democrats disagreed on the timing of the confirmation since the 2020 election was just around the corner. 

However, Republicans touted Barrett’s career and record as “impeccable.” She was given a “Well Qualified” rating from the American Bar Association. Additionally, ABA representatives described her as “brilliant” and an “intellectual giant.”

In any event, on Sunday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Republicans should “feel good about” pressing forward with Barrett’s confirmation.

“This is something to really be proud of and feel good about. We made an important contribution to the future of this country,”  McConnell said as reported by FOX News. “A lot of what we’ve done over the last four years will be undone sooner or later by the next election … They won’t be able to do much about this for a long time to come.”

Barrett Sworn in to Supreme Court, Twitter Goes Crazy

Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination has been a polarizing topic within the Senate and within the public as well. Subsequently, as news broke of the confirmation, Twitter users on each side of the aisle shared strong opinions of Barrett taking Ginsburg’s seat as a lifetime judge of the high court.

In addition, the controversial topic saw many on Twitter post that they disagreed with the selection. In spite of the nearing confirmation, Democratic politicians including Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Kamala Harris, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren voiced strong opposition to Barrett’s confirmation. Some within minutes of the vote.

Likewise, other Twitter users agreed that Barrett should not be confirmed. Also, some posted that the Republicans pushing the confirmation through should be voted out of office in November.

In contrast, other Twitter users are thrilled with the confirmation of Barrett including many Republican politicians such as Rep. Doug Collins, Rep. Andy Biggs and Gov. Kristi Noem.

Similarly, numerous other users online loved Barrett’s confirmation and think she will be a great addition to the Supreme Court.

Furthermore, the polarizing SCOTUS selection has Twitter users debating fiercely online. As the 2020 presidential election nears, the subject will surely continue to be a hot topic over the coming days.