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Two Breweries Teamed Up To Create ‘Strength In Numbers’, a 57.8% Beer

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Chris J Ratcliffe / Stringer/ Getty Images)

Ladies and gentlemen, stand back. The world’s strongest beer has been created with an alcohol percentage of 57.8 percent. Yes, you heard us correct, 57.8 percent. 

Scottish brewery BrewDog and Germany’s Schorschbrau have finally linked up to create the world’s strongest beer. The new beer, appropriately named, ‘Strength In Numbers’ is a traditional Eisbock-style beer. 

Picture Superman and Thor teaming up to create a super person, but in beer form. 

“Strength in Numbers is a 57.8% beer that reaches its colossal ABV through the traditional Eisbock method, which means freezing the beer and removing chunks of ice (water) so that you’re left with the concentrated high ABV liquid. The beer also features a blend of BrewDog’s own Death or Glory, an ice distilled Belgian golden ale that’s been sitting in whisky casks for 10 years.”

So for reference, a Budweiser beer has only 5 percent alcohol. Four Loko’s largest can has 14 percent, while a bottle of Tito’s Vodka has only 40 percent. 

But to have the highly coveted ‘world strongest beer’, it will cost you. Just one 40ml bottle is running at $40. 

In the past, the two European breweries have been in competition to create the strongest beer. Finally, they have decided to do the world a service and join forces. BrewDog and Schorschbrau are making the limited-edition brew. 

“The result is unlike anything you’ve had before or are likely to have again,” says BrewDogs website.

BrewDog is also the iconic brewery behind the beer hotel in Columbus, Ohio. The hotel features fridges in each of their showers to keep your shower beer nice and cold. 

Twitter’s Reaction to the 57.8 % Beer

Twitter users are also intrigued by this new concoction. Many were skeptical about the expensive bottle only having 40ml, while many just want to be able to say that they tried the limited-edition drink.

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