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Two Brothers Magnet Fish More Than 20 Guns Out Of A Georgia River

by Jennifer Shea
Cavan Images

Two magnet-fishing brothers from Loganville, Georgia found an unusual treasure trove near Athens: roughly two dozen guns, sitting at the bottom of the North Oconee River.

The guns were rusted and brittle, according to Savannah Now, but some of them still had discernible serial numbers on them.

The brothers, Adam and Jacob Cowart, reached out to the Athens-Clarke County Police Department for help. A police detective reportedly expressed interest in the guns, which may be identified as missing firearms.

It was actually a police officer who first suggested to the brothers that they fish from the College Avenue bridge. He stopped to ask them what they were doing. When he found out, he told them criminals often take that path out of town.  

Adam Cowart said he took up magnet fishing after the pandemic decimated his work decorating movie sets for Hollywood. He stumbled across some videos of magnet fishing. So he bought a magnet online. Then he set out with his brother for local bridges to investigate.

Magnet fishing can be a dangerous hobby compared to conventional fishing. In England, according to the BBC, magnet fishers have discovered unexploded grenades in a Northamptonshire canal. Another magnet fisher stumbled across 21 knives. And a father-son duo died pursuing the hobby in 2018 in the Huddersfield Canal.

Still, the Cowart brothers have kept at it. They have even set up a YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/c/DirtyMagYakers.

The brothers perfected their technique over time, moving from standing on bridges to using a kayak to magnet fish. They found the kayak was safer than dodging passing motorists. 

Their magnet can’t pull up gold or silver, so the brothers have yet to unearth any jewelry. However, they once found an intact dirt bike with a full tank of gas.