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Two Drown in ‘Abnormal’ Waves Off Coast of Peru Following Tonga Volcano Eruption

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Dana Stephenson//Getty Images)

Earlier this weekend, news emerged that an underwater volcano near Tonga erupted. The eruption and aftershocks were so large that they could be seen from space and felt as far as Colorado. In the aftermath of the eruption, officials put the entire coast of California and Alaska on Tsunami Advisories as Japan also placed many of its islands under a Tsunami Watch. Because the eruption knocked out a large portion of Tonga’s communication lines, news has been scarce from the area. While we wait to hear more about the full extent of the destruction and casualties, at least two people have reportedly drowned in Peru.

According to Reuters, the local civil defense authority of Peru reported two deaths on Sunday. The deaths had occurred sometime the day prior on a beach after “unusually high waves” in the area. These “abnormal” waves were a direct result of the massive Tonga eruption in the Pacific Ocean.

Aftermath of the Volcano’s Explosion Continues to Wreak Havoc

Peruvian officials closed down nearly two dozen ports temporarily following the volcanic explosion ahead of the abnormally high waves. Unfortunately, the Peruvian police found two victims of the waters, both already deceased.

Videos shared across various social media platforms show the streets taking on water. Additionally, several boats took damage from the large waves. At this time, Peruvian officials do not think evacuation is necessary. They simply urge folks to stay away from beaches and the waters if possible.

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Japan Evacuates By the Thousands as Tonga Remains Isolated

Japan officials advised over 200,000 people to evacuate at least 8 different areas due to threats posed by the tsunami earlier this weekend. Some of these same areas had been hit heavily during another tsunami in 2011. Reports show at least 10 capsized boats and hoards of canceled flights for folks in the area. While the advisories have since been lifted, it should be noted that they were among some of the most severe possible. A red tsunami warning actually ranks as the second most dangerous on Japan’s domestic scale.

Tonga continues to battle downed power lines and telecommunications. Ash also poses a problem for residents in the area due to breathing concerns. Unfortunately, due to its largely flat geography, an evacuation was not possible for most people.