Two Children Of Larry King’s Children Die One Month Apart From Each Other

by Caroline Bynum

American television host Larry King has lost two of his five children in the past month. Andy King, 65, died from a heart attack July 28. About a month following the unexpected loss, Larry King’s only daughter, Chaia King, 51, lost her battle with cancer.

While King has married eight times, Alene Akins, who passed in 2017, is both Andy and Chaia’s mother. King and Akins married twice, first between 1961 and 1963, then again between 1969 and 1971. The couple adopted Andy during their first marriage, and Chaia was born during their second.

“Larry and his three remaining children are distraught,” a source told The Post. “Larry’s still recovering from his own health issues from last year,”

King is still recovering from a near-fatal stroke that occurred last year.

Because of health issues and Covid-19 pandemic, King was unable to travel out of Los Angeles for his son’s burial. Andy’s daughter, Jillian King, told the Daily Mail her father “had a Buddhist natural ceremony in Gainesville, Florida.” He was “buried in a shroud without being embalmed,” she explained. Larry King watched the ceremony through video footage from LA.

Chaia lost her long battle with lung cancer Wednesday. She chose to be buried “how her mother (Akins) was buried, in the same cemetery next to her with a natural burial as well,” according to Jillian King.

A source told the Daily Mail the family was all together earlier this summer. “They came to visit for Father’s Day. It was the last time they were all together and Larry will always cherish it,” the source said.

Larry King’s youngest son, Cannon, 20, posted to Instagram on Thursday to cherish the lives of the two siblings he lost. He made it clear his father is having a really difficult time with the losses, writing, “This past month has been very difficult for myself, my family, and especially my Dad.”

His long caption also included his own feeling of solace: “I have a STRONG feeling that Andy may have left this earth because his sister would need him more than we would here.”

Sources have told Page Six that King has continued to work to keep busy and distract himself from the grief. ““He did two live shows [of Hulu’s “Politiking with Larry King”]. It’s his way of processing.”

The 86 year old TV and radio host has not yet commented on either death publicly.