Two Women Survive Being Thrown from Swing Overlooking 6,000 Foot Cliff

by Megan Molseed

It is a horrifying few seconds. Two women have survived the seemingly unsurvivable after a terrifying fall from a swing that is overlooking a 6,000-ft cliff.

In a harrowing 46-second Instagram video, two women can be seen plunging off the swing after a cord on the swing breaks.

The most amazing part of this horrifying ordeal? Both women survived.

The swing sat along the edge of Sulak Canyon in Russia. It’s easy to see the draw to such an attraction. The view in the video is breathtaking.

The swing certainly looks death-defying from the angle. It looks as if it sits right on the edge of the canyon. A terrifying thought for many. However, the video depicts multiple people milling about near the swing’s site as well. This works to give the impression that while the swing may be a thrill, it is probably generally safe. Not so much as it would seem from the video which was reportedly recorded earlier this summer.

A Picturesque Moment Turns Terrifying

A few seconds into the video, two women can be seen taking a seat on the swing. A man starts to give the swing a few pushes to get the swing flying above the edge, giving the riders an amazing view. As the seconds pass, the man continues pushing the swing, giving it a little more momentum as the swing moves back and forth over the edge.

This lasts several seconds, and the women seem to be enjoying the ride. However, towards the end of the video, the chain suddenly snaps. This horrifying moment occurs just as the swing has made it over the edge, seemingly teetering over the steep drop. A drop that one would expect no one could reasonably survive.

The video clearly shows the two women being tossed from the chair and then falling over. It’s a heart-pounding few seconds. The video cuts out just as we see the women fall.

Fortunately, this unbelievable story has a positive ending, according to TMZ. Reports note that just below the cliff is a wooden platform. Thankfully, the two women, who seem to be both unlucky and lucky simultaneously, landed fairly safely upon the space.

The riders suffered only minor injuries and were rescued by loved ones shortly after the fall. It was an absolute miracle considering how bad the accident could have been.