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UFO Conspiracy Theorists Claim Nativity Painting Shows ‘Proof of Ancient Aliens’

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by: Photo 12/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Conspiracy theorists are convinced that a 16th-century painting titled Madonna and Child with the Infant St John bears proof that UFOs exist.

And who are we to say they’re wrong?

The painting, which hangs in Florence, has apparently been a cause for debate for years. The illustration depicts a nativity scene with Madonna, Jesus, and Saint John the Baptist. And over the shoulder of Madonna, you can see a strange orb flying in the sky.

Ufologists believe the orb is proof of ancient UFO encounters. And the depiction is so popular among conspiracy theorists that they’ve dubbed it Madonna of the UFO.

However, most art historians argue that the shape is supposed to be an angel in the form of a cloud, which is similar to the Tondo del Maestro Miller.

A Stanford Professor Studies the Brains of People Who Claim to Have Seen UFOs

A professor of pathology has been studying the brains of people who have had UFO encounters. And his findings are chilling.

According to an article by Vice, world-renowned Standford scientist Garry Nolan began his studies after watching Ufologist Steven Greer showing an alien skeleton on YouTube. Intrigued by his claims, Nolan reached out to Greer and asked to run tests on the specimen.

After sequencing the skeleton’s genes, Nolan proved that the remains were, in fact, human. And shortly after, the professor published a research paper about his otherworldly experiment, which piqued the interest of “people associated with the CIA and some aeronautics corporations.”

And then, people started to show up at Nolan’s office asking him to run tests of people who claim to have had alien encounters. The professor had access to “the best blood analysis instrumentation” in the world. And people were interested to see if Professor Nolan could find anything out of the ordinary.

At first, Nolan wanted no part of the studies. After he proved that the so-called alien skeleton was human, he lost interest in UFO studies. But the people asking for blood tests showed the professor MRI’s from people who had UFO encounters.

And as he told Vice, “You didn’t need to be an MD to see that there was a problem. Some of their brains were horribly, horribly damaged.”

Because of those MRIs, Nolan was hooked.

The professor explained that all of the images showed scarring similar to multiple sclerosis patients. But the damage was in areas of the brain that should have killed the people.

And upon further investigation, Nolan realized that the images weren’t actually showing damaged brains. Instead, Nolan was seeing “white blobs” of densely connected brain tissues in the area of the brain that handles intuition and split-second decision-making.