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Is This a UFO Filmed Hovering Over Chicago?

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Ray Massey via Getty Images)

Agent Mulder’s assertion that the truth is out there is starting to ring more true by the day. In the last couple of years, the idea that UFOs are real has become more widespread. The United States government has studied the phenomenon for decades. For instance, they had Project Blue Book in the fifties. It was a widespread investigation into UFO sightings. More recently, they’ve toyed with the idea of setting up an office specifically for the study of unidentified crafts. Earlier this week, a Chicago resident shot some compelling footage of a UFO over the Windy City.

According to WBZ News Radio, a Chicago woman named Aiyana was hanging out on her roof when she spotted the UFO. Luckily, she had a phone with a decent onboard camera and was able to film the sighting. About the craft, Aiyana said, “I literally have no idea what it was. There is nothing comparable. It was a ball of some sort with two long strings or belts hanging from it.” She went on to say that the sighting confused her and creeped her out.

Usually, when we think of UFOs we picture flying saucers. However, reports vary from sighting to sighting. Some are triangular in shape while others resemble massive metallic cigars. The UFO hovering over Chicago was something different entirely. You can see a zoomed-in image of the craft in the thumbnail of the video below.

Video via Pen News YouTube

It’s hard to say how large the UFO hovering over Chicago was. The witness’ camera makes it look like it was barely visible in the sky. It does seem to be fairly tall, though.

More About the UFO Over Chicago

There doesn’t seem to be any more information about the Chicago UFO. However, we can speculate a bit about it. Working from the position that it is, indeed, some sort of interplanetary craft, it doesn’t seem large enough to carry a crew. Additionally, it doesn’t resemble anything I’ve encountered in years of UFO research. So, my belief is that it’s some sort of probe. No, not that kind. It could be some kind of extraterrestrial (or interdimensional) surveillance drone.

The news outlet reported that Aiyana’s friend posted the video on YouTube in hopes of finding answers. It attracted several comments. Then, Pen News posted the video and their subscribers chimed in with a few theories. More than one commenter said they have seen objects like the ones in the video. For instance, one reported that they live in the suburbs of Chicago and have had similar UFO sightings. Another said that they saw crafts like the one in the video over Lake Michigan as a child. They added that it was in the 80s.

We’ll probably never know the truth about the Chicago UFO, but that won’t stop us from watching the skies.