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UFO Investigator Talks Recent Sightings, Claims Government Is Hiding Info

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Bruno Torricelli/RDB/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

Mass UFO sightings around the world have sparked a debate over the possibility of being contacted by some other life form. And while the thought of little green men reaching out to communicate is a fascinating conversation to have, the truth is, we don’t know what the sightings mean. However, UFO researcher and filmmaker Jeremy Corbell believes the government knows more about this than they’re letting on.

In a recent interview on “Fox News Primetime,” Corbell opened up about his research. He has put together a collection of videos of UFO sightings. He claims that both government and military officials have acknowledged this footage as being valid. Corbell also says cataloging the information is a way to track sightings and locations of sightings.

Further, the filmmaker discusses a recent sighting of UFOs which really disturbs him. The video, captured in California, shows what looks to be a large collection of UFOs darting back and forth across the sky.

“Here’s the problem,” Corbell says. “UFO sightings have increased both from the military and from civilians. I get videos everyday since our government admitted that they’re real and they fly with impunity in our restricted air space.”

Additionally, Corbell says he’s been collected Pentagon-verified footage over several months. The investigative filmmaker believes that we need “corroborative censored data” in order to make a case about UFOs and the increasing activity.

“This isn’t anything new. We’ve been seeing things like this all across the country,” the Fox News host says.

But Corbell’s concern is more grave.

Who’s Operating the UFOs?

“We don’t know who is flying these and we don’t know the intent,” he says.

And when it comes to the subject, Corbell believes that the government needs to be more transparent. He says the Pentagon has to acknowledge the sightings because they’ve been so apparent to the public. But that they have to know more information than they are releasing. And transparency is key to investigating the objects.

What scares Corbell is the fact that UFOs are flying into restricted air space and “buzzing our warships.” This should concern citizens everywhere, he says.

All across the U.S. in recent months, UFO sightings have become more common. And most recently, it’s not just one unidentified aircraft. There have been strange lights in the sky above Arizona, California and even Mexico. The groupings seem to be more frequent with more aircraft.

If you remember the movie “Signs” where strange lights appear in the sky just before an invasion, then this information may freak you out more than just a little bit. But Corbell is right – we don’t know who is operating the aircraft – or even if they’re aircraft at all. Is the truth out there? Probably. And Corbell believes the government has those answers. And he’s making it his mission to find that out.