UFOs Fly Past NASA’s International Space Station During Live Feed

by Samantha Whidden

Well, things just got interesting in outer space! Apparently, UFOs are flying past NASA’s International Space Station on the live feed. 

According to The Sun, a white, cylinder-shaped device (similar shape to UFOs) flew past the ISS. The device was seen on the same day as “high-speed” objects were detected right by the space station last Friday. YouTuber MrMBB333 managed to upload the two sightings and posted them on the video-sharing platform. The video’s title reads, “Ok something is CLEARLY roaming the skies on this planet!”

The latest alleged UFO sightings come just a few months after the Pentagon released a report on UFOs. The report states there haven’t officially been any confirmed aliens. But the Pentagon does wish to learn more about life outside of planet earth. “In a limited number of incidents, UAP reportedly appeared to exhibit unusual flight characteristics. These observations could be the result of sensor errors, spoofing, or observer misperception and require additional rigorous analysis.”

The Pentagon also rebranded UFOs to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. The Pentagon’s report also addressed “sociocultural stigmas” in both armed forces and the intelligence community in regards to reporting on UFOs. “Although the effects of these stigmas have lessened as senior members of the scientific, policy, military, and intelligence communities engage on the topic seriously in public.”

Former Pentagon UFO Official Shares Interesting Details About Life in Outer Space in New Book 

On Monday (September 13), The Hollywood Reporter reported that former Pentagon UFOs Official, Luis Elizondo, is sharing some new “shocking details” in his new book. In a statement, Elizondo stated that the American people now know a small portion of what he and his colleagues in the Pentagon have been privy to, which is that the UFOs are not secret U.S. technology. 

“They do seem to belong to any known allies or adversaries,” the former UFOs official declares. And that our intelligence services have yet to identify a terrestrial explanation for the extraordinary vehicles. This conversation is only just beginning.”

Elizondo’s new book is promising to reveal shocking never-before-shared details that the former Pentagon official learned about UFOs. Elizondo was previously featured on CBS’ 60 Minutes’ episode on UFOs. 

Senate Intelligence Committee Chair States He was First Briefed on UFO Sightings Nearly Three Years Ago 

The New York Post also reported that the Senate Intelligence Committee Chair, Mark Warner (D-Va), stated he was first briefed on sightings of UFOs nearly three years ago. He said since then, the frequency of the incidents has increased. 

“The United States must be able to understand and mitigate threats to our pilots,” Warner declared. “Whether they’re from drones or weather balloons or adversary intelligence capabilities.”

House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) also reportedly stated that the panel would hold a classified briefing later in the year on the matter.